Left Bank Manc's Paris

Where the bloody hell has the time gone??

UPDATE: 29 JULY 2016
I can't believe I wrote this three years ago. Now Paris seems like a story I stole from someone else.

It’s just beginning to sink in that this will (probably) be my last year in Paris. Despite all the grumbling and groaning I do about rude Parisiens staring at me on the metro and how nowhere is open on a Sunday; and how taxi drivers won’t take you anywhere unless they feel like it and you can pronounce the place name exactly like a French person does; I’ll always be a little bit in love with this city.

I know I’ll get jealous when I hear about friends visiting my Paris, ‘discovering’ places that I already knew about or worse, discovering places that I never found.

Although I would love to carry on blogging long after I’ve swapped the grand avenues of Paris for the smoky chaos that is London, I’m not sure anyone will be interested in reading the mundane adventures of a Manc no longer living on the Left Bank; I’m fully expecting my readership to dwindle down to nothing as soon as I say au revoir to the City of Light.

But even if that’s the case, I’ve decided that my blog can be a way for me to leave a little Parisian legacy behind. I’m going to tell you everywhere I love to go and everything I love to do in Paris, with as much useful information as I can manage. There are so many brilliant Paris guidebooks available that there’s almost no point putting even more information out there, but I can’t resist writing my very own guide to this very special city. In fact, don’t think of it as a guide to Paris, think of it as a guide to:

Now that I've left Paris....

I can't remember when I wrote all that above, but it must have been months ago, before I left France. Nobody needs another guide to Paris, but I can't help writing this in an effort to claim back a little piece of the city I've left behind. This is a guide to My Paris, rather than 'my guide to Paris'. The city will change and move on, but My Paris will stay the same. (Although I'm glossing over all the sinister perverts.)

It looks a bit messy writing everything down on one page, non?

So below are links to my mini guides:

Raving in Paris

 Food in Paris


  1. Oh my gosh. I just got a little sad reading this. This is a lovely piece as is.

  2. I've just read so many of you're posts - I'm from Liverpool and I'm off to be an au pair mid July (eek). I found your 'what to pack' bit so helpful and it's got me so excited (despite your many disasters and kitchen-issues)

    1. Hey! I'm glad you found my blog useful, thanks so much for reading! Don't worry you'll have a great time in Paris, I promise to update this section soon! Good luck with your au pair family! x

    2. I'm also from Liverpool and going to au pair this summer and your blog has been really helpful, thank you!

    3. Hey glad I could help, Anonymous, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! x

  3. Hi! Just found your blog, I'm from Nottingham and am off to be an au pair in Paris in august. Thing is the whole "statut de jeune fille au pair" is confusing me as I've found my family through a friend not a website. Apparently the family have to get the contract signed and validated in order for the au pair to get health benefits but that part of this is 10 hours of language classes per week paid by us...is this right?? Any help AT ALL would be much appreciated thanks! x

  4. Hellooo Liv, soon to be au pair...

    10 hours of language lessons a week sounds a lot, when I was an au pair last year I was told you had to have at least one term of language lessons, I can't remember how many hours it had to be. The language lessons don't HAVE to paid for by you, of course the family could easily pay for you, but lessons are quite expensive so it's not completely unreasonable that the au pair family are asking you to pay for them. I suppose it depends how much they are paying you and other benefits you get... Can you tell me more details of your job?

    As for the contract thing, with my first family I had to sign a contract with them, but they turned out to be Mental so I left anyway, so don't worry about the contract being legally binding. To be honest it's good that the au pair family want to get you health benefits. Hope this is useful!

  5. Hey :)
    Ah thanks, yeah that is helpful! Where did you find out about the term of lessons? I think we're probably going to look more into other ways of doing it as 10 hours is waaay to many to handle while looking after 3 kids under 10, especially on 60 euros (thinking of asking for more)!! I've met the family now who were lovely and we cleared a few things up so hopefully they will come up with some other brilliant plan...looks like I picked a good family actually.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. 60 euros? Au pairs are supposed to get eighty euros a week, according to au pair websites I've looked at. Also from speaking to many, many au pairs I know 80 euros is the average wage. How many hours will you be doing?

      I can't remember where I got the 'one term' thing from, I think maybe my old au pair family told me, so maybe you should check the facts. If your family are doing everything by the book, they should have some information on it. It's so good that you got to meet the family beforehand, but 60 euros really isn't a lot... I know it's difficult when you like the family, I suppose it depends on the hours as well.

    2. Hey :) It's Liv Brett but I locked myself out of my google account(clever.)so never saw your reply! I'm living with the family close to Paris now and wanted to say thanks for your help. The blog is really useful! In terms of classes I'm now looking for something a couple of nights a week and was wondering if you could recommend anywhere? Also, if there is somewhere aupairs meet and drink tea or go out or whatever since I know nobody? Thanks again! x

  6. I stumbled across your blog when I searched the web for thing's to pack as an au pair. I love your entries and your wicked sense of humor! The vulgarity sealed the deal! So funny :)I live in the States, right next to Boston, and I'll be leaving for Paris the end of August to be an au pair. Luckily I didn't have to go through all the Visa application bull as my dad's from France, so I'm lucky enough to have a French passport :)

    I'm sad to see that you are leaving! When will you be heading home? I'm a little nervous to venture out and discover Paris, but I can already picture myself there. I love France and I'm a city girl.. so I guess Paris makes a nice combination of both! How did you go about meeting people, making friends? I'll be in my own apartment and I'm hoping there are some young people in the building I can befriend. I'm looking forward to your list of places to go and things you've discovered!

    1. Vulgarity?? Surely not...

      I'm so glad you like the blog and I'm really pleased you found it useful! I made friends mostly through friends of friends back in England, people saying 'Oh I know someone moving to Paris why don't you meet up?' etc and also through the Au Pairs in Paris Facebook group which is really good for making friends, you should definitely join it!

      I'm sure you'll love Paris, I need to hurry up and right my 'Left Bank Manc's Guide to Paris'! x

  7. Bon!!!!!

    If my blog was Jackie O I think yours would be Marilyn Monroe... How did you get your readership up?... Did you try to or did it just happen?


    1. Marilyn Monroe? Doped up on pharmaceuticals and heading for a tragic end... I can see that. I've been writing this blog for almost two years now, and my readership has grown mainly because it shows up on search engines more, I guess... I don't really think my readership is that high considering there are other Paris blogs that have loooooads of followers... But Twitter has definitely helped, do you have Twitter? I put links to all new blog posts on there and I follow fellow bloggers... Thanks for following I look forward to reading your blog!