Friday, 1 December 2017

Last Day

I can't believe I'm up and typing at 8.30am. Last night was my leaving drinks thing at work - my last day in the office. The leaving drinks weren't actually too heavy. I got very very drunk last Friday with people from work, and the next day felt really guilty about drinking so excessively and ruining my weekend. (I couldn't move from my bed until late afternoon, and I had to plan a barre class I'd booked so they charged me £12! Such a waste of money/time/electrolytes.)

So yesterday I decided not to get horrifically drunk, and I'm so glad I didn't! I left at about 11pm, most of my team had left and I was a bit hungry, also the office security guard had kept my flowers and leaving present behind his desk for me but was very insistent that I collect it at half eleven/quarter to twelve as he doesn't like 'opening the door to people' after midnight even though he is a 24hr security guard! To be fair neither would I. It's dark and scary out there, whether you're a heavy-set security guard or not. (I know I'm going wildly off-topic, but his sign 'Security guard on patrol call this number' really makes me laugh, as surely he just having a wee rather than wandering up and down the five empty floors. If he doesn't want to open the door after midnight, to employees, I can't imagine him investigating weird noises and poking around in dark corners.)

What was I even talking about?

My last day. I felt like it was a weird anti-birthday - everyone wants to celebrate you and get you drunk, but they're not happy about it. We went for pizza and cocktails at lunch to this place called Maverick in Victoria (where our office is) and I would recommend it, especially as Victoria can be really lifeless, and it's mainly chain restaurants there. The woman who owned it (I assumed, maybe she was just a great manager) was so lovely - as I left she said 'Are you leaving, was this for you?' and I said yes and she said 'When one door closes another opens, you have all these lovely friends and now you can move on and still be in touch and make more'. The pizza and cocktails were great too. I had a gin martini in an effort to avoid a hangover this morning, but later on there was only wine or beer to start with at the leaving drinks so I switched to wine and ruined that plan.

Although I feel ok. And I don't feel sad really, I guess because it hasn't sunk in. There are people I will really, really miss and I don't think I'll realise until I've been at my new job for a while. I've never actually left an office job before but people do seem to keep in touch. I kept in touch with people from the restaurant in Paris, but we've recently lost touch I think. I actually didn't think of that when I deleted my Facebook.

I mean I'm not going to go on and on about my last day in the office, but I will say that I think I did a good job on my leaving speech. People came up to me and said it was the best leaving speech they'd heard. It got a laugh, which is good. I was worried people would take it the wrong way. You can have it if you like:

When you're a copywriter, people really analyse your words. So I'm not going to say too many.

It's been lovely. And I'm really sad to go. (Dramatic pause)

But I'm not sad enough to stay. Cheers!

Right, going to have a brew now. I might talk more about my last day as I think starting a new job is quite a good topic to get me back into blogging regularly. TTFN. Also. TGIF. Me and Lauren are having a Christmas shopping day today and getting a tree. Can you hear sleigh bells ringing?

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