Friday, 10 November 2017

New Job

I handed my notice in! Exciting. I didn't know if 'hand your notice in' was just a phrase, or if you actually had to hand a piece of paper in. I've never done it before. I've either had a job that ended at a certain point anyway (au pairing, teaching etc.) or if I've been a waitress or working behind a bar, I've just had a chat with the manager to say I'm not coming back.

Actually I have handed a notice in before. Just remembered when I was 16 and worked in Superdrug, and my mum and her-then husband booked for us to go to Lanzarote over Christmas. They said I couldn't take the time off, so I scribbled a note saying I wasn't going back and left it on the counter for the manager. 

My friend who still worked there said they never found it, and kept asking her why I was missing my shifts.

Anyway this time I printed off an actual template from Monster (the job searching site). You just fill in the details like name, dates etc. I stupidly left the Monster logo on the bottom of it, which was confusing for all.

It went ok actually. My boss said a few snide things about how I'm going to work for a company that has tobacco clients (it's not advertising, it's in-store stuff, so the creative concepts they do are always for tobacconist shops or the section where you buy fags in duty free. I'm not evil am I? I don't know).

But then someone quite high up, a director who is really nice to everyone, took me for a coffee and said was there anything they could do to keep me. I have to say it is very flattering, once you've told work you're leaving and they want you to stay. But why can't they let you know how much they appreciate you before you want to leave?

If anyone's reading this, thinking 'you're a whinging ungrateful millennial' - go and fuck yourself. I've been working since I was 15 and I'll be working until well into my 80s, probably. So don't begrudge me a little change in my career once in a while.

I read an article in the Evening Standard magazine (which I secretly enjoy even though the paper it is owned by is a Tory rag), they were talking about how 'millennials' flit from job to job for better benefits like beer on Fridays, and fun music in the office...

The journalist clearly only spoke to their friends' posh, financially-supported children, as I don't know anyone who would risk their job over such FRIVOLITIES.

I am really sad to leave now, and part of me wishes things hadn't being going so well recently, as then I wouldn't need to feel guilty at all. But although I've been working with different people in the last few months, on exciting projects, and the two managers who were bitches to me at the beginning of the year are now being all sweetness and light, I have to remember that things were bad before - and the thing that has made me much more confident has been going to interviews and thinking about new jobs.


I am definitely not staying in the old job! I am moving onwards and potentially upwards!

I start on 4 December, which is a good time to start - Christmas season and all that.

I"m feeling Christmassy already.

Me, my brother Rory and our three cousins, plus two of their boyfriends and baby Aurora, are staying in static caravans 10 minutes from mum's house as there wasn't enough room - my gran, aunty and uncle are staying there.

It will be so fun!!!

We're going to decorate the caravans with tinsel and I can live out my culture-appropriating daydream of being a fully-fledged Traveller. Although, as I'm sure I don't need to remind any old readers who are still here, I found out that we are only a few generations from being Travellers - both sides of my Great Grandma were 'horse people', one had a travelling circus and the other family were travelling horse tradesmen. So there!


  1. Good luck, hope you like working at the new place! I also left a job recently as it was NOT for me and feel so much better about myself now that I don't work there. Btw I've been reading your blog on and off since about 2011, when I was an assistant in France.

    1. Ha glad you're still reading! Isn't it weird that 2011 was almost 7 years ago... I still feel like I've just move back from France. Glad you left your old job, it's never worth feeling bad about yourself. I hope I like my new job too, eek!

  2. Wow! I can't believe you still update and that I still check your blog, lol. Like the Anonymous #1, I've been reading/checking your blog on and off since 2011 (actually maybe late 2010) before and after I became an au pair in Paris.

    Congratulations on the new job and career move. I gave my letter of resignation about 2 weeks ago. Nerve wrecking. Yet, it was definitely in best interests! Very happy with myself that I plucked up the nerve to do so.

    I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but it's kind of refreshing to know that your ramblings and getting off track then getting back to what you were talking about has been consistent over the years.

    Hahaha, I remember many years ago I asked for a recommendation for eye brow threading in Paris. And you told me some place in the 18th.

    Take care!

    1. Oh god, I sent someone else there and they said they felt really uncomfortable because it was so rough... La Chapelle I think it was! They did greta eyebrows though. Funny that you and the commenter above both used to read this blog when we were all in Pairs, and now you've both got new jobs recently at the same time as me. I was thinking of blogging about starting a new job, I wonder if many other old readers are now in similar situations? Thanks for checking in once in a while, glad I still have some readers left!