Sunday, 27 August 2017

Moving Day

Our Van Man is coming at 12, not sure what to do in the meantime as we're all packed up!

The words 'little blog' popped into my head so here I am.

Everything changes, always always always, and in some ways it's pointless to try and freeze everything every time it happens - HOLD ON! THINGS ARE CHANGING! STOP STOP. LET'S TALK ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY IS CHANGING AND THINK ABOUT THE PAST BEFORE WE- OH TOO LATE IT'S CHANGED.

But I can't help it. I like to chew over the moment so I can taste it, but the tasting bit never really comes, do you know what I mean?

I feel like I'm always chasing what it was actually like, so I can relive it again just for a second, but all you ever get are slightly skewed memories, you can't travel back in time even for half a second, even inside your head.

Do you ever try and take a picture of a moment in your mind, not just a picture but a sound recording and a vial of the smell and a crystal of the taste, in the hope that if you store it correctly at full-strength you'll be able to take it out again in the future and really remember it vividly?

We're all packed up, so there's nothing vivid to remember really. I'm sitting on the shit single bed I've slept in for two years. I can hear a plane out of the window rather than the normal OI MEL, FACKING GET IN THE 'OUSE NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH or the 'foreign' students next door having a very loud kareoke party or the guy who is convinced (we assume from his yelling) that someone across the street has slept with his wife.

I'll miss this house, it's been so much fun. It must be weirder for Jen and Lauren, they've lived her for five years!

But this summer the house started to fall apart, we didn't have hot water for two weeks, and they wanted to put the rent up (a lot) so we're out. Jen is moving in with two other friends in Hackney (one of the friends being Claire, who used to live in this little room) and Lauren and I are moving to...

The Isle of Dogs.

Ironic given my distrust of canine fiends (and I mean fiends not friends), but it's not too far from where we're living now and it's such a nice flat.

It has a walk-in wardrobe, which we're going to share.

I'm really excited, but of course it's always weird when you're leaving a place even if you're looking forward to going to the next place.

Sorry this has been a very self-indulgent blog post. (Added on 1 December: WHICH OF MY POSTS ISN'T THOUGH?)

Also, can I just say...

I reread some of the first blog posts the other day and the grammar and spelling is fucking atrocious. A lot of it is typos, but some of the mistakes are clearly just me, not knowing how to spell.

I'd written 'collinder' instead of 'colander'.

So bad...

To anyone reading this now who read my earlier posts - thank you for looking past the mistakes and reading on!

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