Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's Ok I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers

Argh it's been almost two months since my last confession!

Speaking of confessions, have you read The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson AKA the Angus, Things and Full Frontal Snogging books?

I laughing out loud at them in Form Time*, when we were all supposed to be reading quietly. Our teacher didn't believe that I was genuinely laughing at my book, because she didn't think they could be that funny. They were! Still are.

The author Louise Rennison died this week, very sad news. She such a hilarious writer. I loved those books. I want to read them all again.

I guess you could say that my writing style is very inspired by reading Louise Rennison's books as a teenager. Here is a quote from the first book to give you a taste of the style:

“When we did eventually get to the party - me walking next to Dad's Volvo driving at five miles an hour - I had a horrible time. Everyone laughed at first but then more or less ignored me. In a mood of defiant stuffed oliveness I did have a dance by myself but things kept crashing to the floor around me. The host asked if I would sit down. I had a go at that but it was useless. In the end I was at the gate for about an hour before Dad arrived.” 


I keep saying I am going to blog little and often and then not blogging at all. So this is a little blog and hopefully soon I will do another one.

PS. They made a film of Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging and it's actually really good! (They changed 'full-frontal' in the title to perfect - definitely not as funny.) It's obviously for teens, so don't blame me if you don't like it, but worth a watch if you loved the books.

*For any non-UK readers:
'Form' is the class you belong to in secondary school. In most lessons, like English and Maths, you are organised into 'sets' depending on your level. So you might be in 'Set 1' for most of your subjects, but every morning and afternoon you'll go to your form class to have the register taken. During afternoon register, we would have to spend about 20 minutes having 'form time'. It's mad that it's all a bit hazy now... I'd literally forgotten all about Form Time until I just typed it out. In my form there were a lot of horrible cranks I never, ever would have spoken to in real life without them calling me something nasty or spitting on me (they did this to most people, not just me), but form time was like neutral time and we would all ignore each other. The more I think about the weirder this whole set-up is.

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