Monday, 2 February 2015


Scientists have learnt how to unboil an egg, to return a cooked, solid egg to its original runny form. 

Sometimes I get lost in a Google wormhole, reading strange things and thinking 'This is the future' and freaking out.

If they can turn an egg back to its uncooked state by manipulating the proteins or something, then can they also do it with a mussel? Could they turn a boiled - and dead - mussel back into an unboiled - and alive - mussel? Could they 'unscramble' congealed blood in a corpse and turn it into flowing blood again?


Last week I had a very vivid dream about the end of the world and I feel a little bit like I have witnessed the apocalypse. At the beginning of the dream I went on a holiday that my friend couldn't go on for Some Reason - on the pictures it looked like a room in Morocco, with turquoise furnishings and white drapes around the bed and a bare stone floor.

When I got there I found that I was sharing the accommodation with a girl from work - she had booked the wrong holiday or something, and it was so weird that we both ended up on the same holiday by accident. We talked about how weird fate is.

The Moroccan room was inside a black cave, just above sea level. The cave was hidden in a sheer rock face, standing far out to sea. Suddenly people were sharing stories on social media about how a meteor was falling to Earth and it was in the newspaper and from somewhere we heard a news broadcaster announcing that this was no hoax.

The news broadcaster suggested that the safest place to be was in the ocean, because anywhere else and you would get drowned or crushed - in the water you might have a chance of rising to the surface and riding out the repercussions.

The girl from work and I floated in the sea (I knew she was there but I couldn't see her) - there was no sign of land, just blue ocean and the black rock to our right, with the cave hidden inside. If we stayed in there the rock would definitely crush us.

It felt so unreal and then all of a sudden - I understood. I got my head around the fact that the world was going to end. There was a feeling of dread and then the sky got darker. The meteor was falling, somewhere on earth. I had a vision of a vast rounded sphere - just a tiny section of it - but I knew the meteor would be huge.

I thought that at least everyone on earth would die together and it would probably be over quickly.

I didn't see it fall, but all of a sudden I was under the water and the surface of the water tipped unnaturally, like the ocean was a giant glass of water and I was looking through the side of the glass at the liquid slanting. 

But I couldn't see the surface of the water, just the weird rolling slant underneath. I thought again how quickly it would all be over but the next I knew, I was stood on a cliff.

This cliff was grassy - connected to the land. There was a Sainsbury's nearby so the girl from work and I (at this point she might have turned into Lauren, or maybe she switched between the two people constantly in a way that doesn't translate from Dream Logic) went in to grab food, drinks and supplies for the apocalypse. 

We ran round the empty supermarket filling a trolley with mountains of stuff, happy that the world hadn't ended for everyone after all.

But in the car park, we bumped into three very tall boys and they hit us with tiny hammers and stole all our supplies. After they ran off laughing, we realised there were more groups of men swarming around the car park.

We had to sneak between the huge wheels of lorries to get back into the supermarket unnoticed and this time we only managed to snatch a few items.

Stupid boys, ruining my apocalypse!

I think the meaning of this dream is that the patriarchy will always be the presiding tyrannical force over our planet, even if a fucking great meteor comes and wipes 99% of them out.

If you want to be freaked out, read this Dazed & Confused interview with Jeff Mills - he talks about searching for other inhabitable planets and existing in solitary sensory worlds.

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