Thursday, 9 October 2014

Leaping About

Listen- in my last post, I didn't mean that if I put on weight I wouldn't be able to take my clothes off in the bedroom and leap about in front of other people*. I was just thinking about it then and realised I might sound like one of those girls who goes OH GOD I'M SO FAAAAAT when they're just a normal size.

I just meant, you know... everybody has a size they feel comfortable at and you know when you've been eating a bit too much and have gone past it and you don't particularly feel like leaping about, with or without your clothes on.


Last Friday I did some leaping about with my clothes on- and when I say leaping I mean disco-dancing- to Pychemagik, they're really, really fun.

*Maybe that's why nobody will come into my boudoir, because word has gotten out about all the leaping. 


  1. I'm glad you got to see your nana. Love Bring up the Bodies and Wolf Hall! And anyone who wouldn't appreciate your naked leapings in the appropriate setting should eff off. (Someone must have if you're back on the CS motorbike, anyway.)

  2. Ha thanks, don't think I'll be doing any naked leapings for a while though...