Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumn Soup

Summer definitely isn't coming back for a surprise encore- it's early evening and the sky is dark, the blackberries are finished... even the nettles are gone. My master plan this month was to live off nettle soup, due to an unfortunate decision to get rid of my monthly wages in various bars and supermarkets around London by the second week of the month; however, when my mum was here last weekend I asked her for the recipe and she said nettles are no good at this time of year.

Grass soup anyone?

Potatoes are a cheap soup ingredient but I can't use them anymore after a girl at work pointed out the leek and potato soup has the same texture as... I can't write the word. (Next time you put a spoonful in your mouth, ask yourself if you're going to spit or swallow and you'll know exactly what I mean.)


I haven't had much time to blog recently. I wanted to blog about the Irish pub me and B discovered, then Kate Bush, the end of my Paris trip, which- to be honest- I know I'm dragging out, but when I finish writing about it that will really be the end and now I don't know when I'll go back. If only I didn't drink alcohol or eat food or use toiletries and the tube wasn't so fucking expensive, I'd be going back and forth every weekend.

Sigh. This time of year is when I would always return to Paris, after spending three weeks in England then one week in Ibiza. It's weird that a year ago I moved back to England for good and this year, yet again, September is nearly over and I'm still not in Paris.


I am sitting in my house, listening to last night's Craig Charles funk and soul radio show (it's on iPlayer) with my housemate  who is cooking us chilli and that's exactly what I imagined England would be like when I was sitting in that little room in Paris, needing a wee but listening at my front door to see if any of the neighbours were using it, cooking a chilli in the same room I slept in.

I've got so much space now, I could do a cartwheel across the living room, if I could do cartwheels. I could  definitely do a roly poly.

Is it weird that I think about Paris so much, even though I left a year ago?

In other news... I'm so happy Scotland decided to stay in the UK!!


  1. But, but - I was banking on summer to have a late rally in time for my trip over next month!

    Oh well, on the bright side, I needn't have any bare-leg nightmares and can just wear my jeans as usual. (Actually, as long as it's not constantly teeming I'll be happy.) xx

    1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news... but I don't think summer is having a late rally this year. It might be mild though, and nice in a cool but not freezing autumnal way, hopefully!

  2. Carrot coriander & chilli soup! About £3 for an enormous pot & blended nice & smooth.

    1. I've never made carrot and coriander soup, I think I'll try it next week!

  3. I like white beans blended with chicken stock, rosemary, garlic and lemon. Can stick some chorizo in after blending if you're not skint. You may also have texture issues with that, but I refuse to be put off soup! ;)

    1. Are you saying butter beans have the same suspicious texture as potatoes? It sounds really nice though...