Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Jesus 4 Disco

Ah, I just watched a bit of telly with the Landlord Lady- I offered her a cup of tea (my USP as a house guest, lodger and roommate- I make a lotta lotta tea) and she said "I'm watching Jonathan Creek if you like that sort of thing, it's just started."

So I sat down in the living room with her and watched it. I used to love Jonathan Creek when I was little, my gran and grandad would let me stay up and watch it for a treat. It's quite rude, isn't it? Maybe I just had no idea what was going on when I was little. Maybe the innuendos went over my head. (In your-enndo, lol.) (That lol was sarcastic, obvs.) (The obvs was sarcastic too.) (Sigh.)

Let me take you to a place I know you wanna go....

Last weekend is where you wanna go (surely).

Oh, stop it.

I've met Kimono Kaity once before and since that time she's broken up with her boyfriend, who she lives with. I thought she would have a sad tale to tell but instead she had an AMAZING story about meeting someone new, the kind of story that makes me never want to sign up to internet dating and instead hold out for a mystical magical meeting. 

(I will definitely end up on internet dating, the only reason I'm not on Tinder like a woman possessed is because I don't have an iPhone. And also it uses your Facebook photos and my Facebook profile picture is a cat dressed like a gypsy, so I would shock and surprise people unpleasantly in the flesh.)Later on I went back to Soho to met 'some people' but the time I got there everyone was leaving. I ended up going back to TC and OJ's house and we stayed up talking until very late in the morning. 

Kayt sent me a text the next day saying I'd left her an answerphone message by accident and she could hear us talking about weeing in the street and Kate Bush...

I've got some very very very exciting news about Kate Bush.

Jen used her powers to help me and my mum buy tickets to see her live in September!! It will make my mum's life. I definitely think if she could choose between seeing Kate Bush live and rewinding time so that my stepdad didn't cheat on her for 13 years and behave like a complete psychotic arsehole; she would choose Kate Bush without hesitation.

This is one of my favourite Kate Bush songs: 

Enough Kate Bush (for now).

I was worried Easter Sunday wouldn't be as fun as it always was in Paris (I KNOW I mention Paris a lot but I haven't really done anything since then so it's all I have to talk about, k?) when we would drink a lot of fizzy wine and eat really nice food and sometimes have an Easter egg hunt.I was especially worried when I woke up on Sunday feeling like shit and knowing I had twelve hours of raving ahead of me...

It was Slide on the Terrace at the Prince of Wale with Danny Krivit- originally I'd thought it would be a lovely hot weekend, which would be perfect with the roof terrace, but the Sunday I awoke to was drizzly and grey.

TC lent me a dress and a pair of boots and (then said I could keep them- it makes me feel like a celebrity when people give me clothes for free) I put some red lipstick on, but you can't polish a turd, folks. I might have had a bit of lippy on but I was still shit on the inside.

I met up with Natalie and her friend Susie and we went for lunch at Planet Organic- an organic food supermarket and cafe. I think the vegetable lasagne helped me more than a plate of greasy chips would have done...

The music at the Prince of Wales was so good that I lasted for hours longer than I thought I would. It was disco music and I couldn't stop dancing. If it would have been minimal techno I bet I would have started to feel very sinister and knackered, but because the music was so upbeat I was able to disco-dance my way out of feeling shit.


There were proper sloppy, drunk boys who KEPT getting in my dancing space and being weird. One of them stalked Susie for about TWO HOURS until I finally got the bouncer to throw him out. It sounds harsh but he could barely stand up and kept standing right next to us, leaning on us and trying to talk but he was just slurring nonsense and then he got really angry when I told him to fuck off.he kept saying, "My wife... my wife..." trying to explain that he wasn't coming on to us. It's so IRRITATING when boys do that, as if the only problem is I think they're coming on to me. As if I'm a MASSIVE BIG HEADED DICKHEAD for not wanting a drunk, fat person leaning on me and falling over and stopping me from dancing.

You can't ruin someone's night by leaning on them and following them around all night...Nobody cared if he was coming onto us or not- we just wanted him to get out of our dancing space.And the bouncer was lovely and very obliging. After that it was a brilliant night of disco dancing. Oh, apart from...

I had a HUGE vomiting fit in the toilets and I thought I'd never stop being sick, it was the scariest thing that's happened to me in a while. Two girls were trying to get in and help me, I heard them talking about me for ages, wondering if I was ok, but I couldn't speak because I was being sick so much and then my throat was all sore and closed up.

After that I was fine, though. The boogie brought me back and it was a great Easter after all. How many fanatical Christians will come after me if I say:

Jesus died for disco?

On Saturday I went to Soho to see what Record Day was about- record stores have DJs playing and everyone crowds round the street, drinking and dancing... in theory. In reality I didn't stay long. I met up with Kat- one of many people I used to mention a lot on this blog and then all of a sudden I stopped talking about, not because I'd done something horrific to her and was trying to cover up my crime, but because we just drifted apart for whatever reason...

We've recently got back in touch and it's definitely the right time, for many reasons.

It was really crowded and as I had plans later on, I wasn't really in the mood for drinking in the street and raving. I went to see my New Australian Friend who I actually met through this blog- we bonded on Twitter over the fact that we both have the same kimono. I might refer to her as Kimono Kaity.

Kimono Kaity loves Paris and goes there a lot, which makes me quite jealous. I can't believe I haven't been back since I left, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I can ever go back. The other day I went to the cinema with some people from the internship to watch YSL and I cried when the first shots of Paris came on screen. I will never watch Amélie  again. If I actually physically travelled back to Paris... I don't know what I would do. I think I would behave atrociously and pretend I was in a film and thrash about on the floor, hysterical, the nostalgia eating me up from the inside. 

Do you want to see a shaky video of the night?

Do you ever!!!!

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