Saturday, 1 March 2014


Let's be honest...

This blog has gone to the dogs.

I would much rather it had gone to the cats, but it hasn't.

Tonight I finished working in the pub earlier than expected, so I thought I would use the time to do a quick blog post... Can't think of anything to write about apart from the cat.

I was right in thinking my eyebrow obsession was a substitute for the lack of feline company in my life; since we got Rushdie I have let my eyebrows out to pasture and rarely give them a second thought. Actually that's a lie, I think about them every day, but only when I am looking in the mirror. And sometimes when I am looking at other people's eyebrows. And sometimes for a few minutes before I go to sleep.

The other day I caught my eyebrows looking at the cat sulkily*. Then the next night, when I they thought I was asleep, I heard one of them whisper to the other**:

"Do you remember when it was us she used to stroke? Us she used to talk incessantly about to her friends and strangers in the Ladies loo? Us she used to blog about?"

I would feel mean, abandoning them to grow all tufty and undefined, but it's for their own good. I asked Lauren a few weeks ago (when we went to see that musical about the Perfumo Affair) to tell me honestly if my brows had crossed the line between 'bold' and 'bonkers' and she said I was in danger of teetering over the edge into Brian Blessed territory. She didn't actually say anything about Brian Blessed but the point is... I got scared. I thought I had let my eyebrows become bigger than myself, so I gave them a good slimming down and now I must suffer the consequences of my rashness:


In cat news, there is a very sinister #CAT that has been hanging around, intimidating me, no doubt trying to size up our cat so he can batter him. He is so hard that he just sits on top of  a pole for hours and when I stared at him he stared straight back until I had to back away and hide in the bedroom for bit. Look how sinister he is:

Rushdie is not cut out to square up to any of the local #CATS. Look at the cat above again. Now look at Rushdie:

He is wearing one Natalie's necklace. He looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's.

I keep calling him 'our cat' (even though he is really my friend Chloe's cat)... I will have to stop, because Natalie moved out this week!

It was really sad, the last morning I went to work and said goodbye to her. She came round the next day for tea, so it wasn't too sad, but then instead of going to sleep in her bedroom she had to leave and drive back to her mum's house. So weird.

My cousin Chloe moves in tomorrow. I was a bit worried as I haven't heard from her since she went to India a month ago... but she's back in the UK today and is coming round tomorrow. It took me a while to get used to living with other people again. When I first moved in I thought I had to go to bed when Nat went to bed. Oh I hate it when things change. Living with my cousin is going to be fun though and Natalie will come round all the time, to see me but also to put necklaces on our cat.

Let's see, anything else I want to say before I go to bed? I don't think I'll have time to blog again for a while...

Internship is going well in some ways, very bad in other ways. I really enjoy the work but today didn't speak to anyone all day, apart from to hand in my expenses form. I did try when I first got there but it wasn't as easy as I though to get into conversations with people and now it's kind of too late. There's a couple of people I speak to, but they weren't around today. I know it's me. I know I'm going about everything the wrong way but it's so awkward and because hours go by without me saying a word to anyone, when I finally have to go and speak to someone about something I get all worked up about it and panicky.


Nothing is happening on the date front.

I was a bit surprised at first that nothing came of it, especially after he brought me homemade soup round, but I guess soup counts for nothing these days.


I know if I read this blog post back to myself I'll gain a better understanding of why no word came following our tea date (literally just finished reading Jane Eyre on the tube journey home, still in Victorian novel mode) but it might also make me delete the entire post... and I do so hate to leave you all (ha! you small number I mean) so long without a blog post, so I'm not going to read it back to myself.

I will just find a good song to finish on and then I will go to bed/look at my eyebrows in the mirror for half an hour.


This is the sort of dark techno I can imagine being played at The Crave- the Rave in a Cave- when I first went raving with TC and OJ and Matt and Natalie, before we ever guessed we'd be flatmates, many moons ago...

*I really did.
**Perhaps the bit about the whispering isn't 100% true, but I resent the fact that you don't believe me.

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