Saturday, 13 July 2013

On My Own

Day 2 of my Two Weeks Alone in Paris and things are worse than I thought they would be. I've been spending a lot of time in bed, pretending to be asleep so I don't have to get up and do things all on my lonesome. I bet there are lots of people out there who think I'm ridiculous for wasting my last days in Paris; people who think I should be striding about with a bumbag on, ticking things off on my Paris Bucket List.

Well you can get to fuck, because I don't want to do things on my own, all day, every day for two weeks. When I first moved here I spent a week walking around with no friends, looking at stuff and taking pointless photos of things. I've done my Lonely Tourist Time in this city, I'm not doing it again.

Except... I might have to. God this is so shit. This weekend is the Peacock Society festival- Cyril Hahn played at the opening party last night at Social Club- and on Sunday there's also Concrete and Coco Beach. I'm not going to anything, in the absence of tickets and/or friends.

I might be exaggerating a teeny tiny bit- Julia is still here, but she's working a lot and so isn't available for cocktails and sunbathing, twenty four hours a day/seven days a week.

Also, G.Shore's girlfriend is visiting and yesterday we went for an afternoon drink at Le Café A- the cafe/bar of La Maison de l'architecture, two minutes from gare de l'Est. I didn't actually know it was a museum, I'd just heard it had a really big terrace and was a nice place to drink in the sun. It's perfect for this weather. 

Photo of Le Café A from their Facebook page
After our drink I trekked all the way to Batignolles to get a Turkish kebab from that place Kayt noticed weeks ago and that a local resident told us was one of the best kebabs in Paris. I felt very English getting a kebab for my tea, but I think it was quite French of me to eat it at a genuine mealtime and to also travel quite far to visit a certain kebab shop. It was a really good kebab, spicy meat served in thick, fresh pita bread with salad, yoghurt sauce and chips (eight euros). It's about halfway down rue des Batignolles, on the right-hand side if you stand with your back to the church and it's called Sandwich Kebap. I tried to eat it in the park but I felt a bit paranoid and had to take most of it home to eat. 

I ate the kebab, slept for two hours, then woke up and stayed up until 3am watching films. (My laptop was being so slow that I had to stop the film every fifteen minutes and give my computer a break.) The people who have the rooftop terrace outside my window were having a very loud party, as I sat in my sweltering bedroom with the blinds down, trying to watch 'The Help'. Well that just about broke my heart.

Now we're on Day 2.  What shall I do with myself over the next fortnight? Wander along the river singing 'On My Own' from Les Mis? Petrol bomb all the shops and restaurant where the staff have ever been rude to me? Sit in front of the mirror, teaching myself how to do a perfect fishtail plait? I'm guessing all of the above, but first I would like to shut the blinds so I can pretend it's not a beautiful sunny day outside; and catch up on my blogging.

Well my laptop's fucked up now so can't actually do any blogging. I guess I've just done some anyway.


  1. Its not all doom and gloom to be by yourself.. why not try to plan 1 day sleeping, 1 day of fun and keep changing it....

    OR start your own walking tour- you could lead unassuming tourists around Paris in your cape, re-enacting some historical scenes (or made-up)

    You could become a street entertainer :)

    1. Aw thank you for all those links! But I've set my heart on being all doom and gloom this week. I have however bought some sequined hot pants so have cheered up a little bit...

  2. I'm doing the lonely tourist thing for two days this weekend! I'm visiting my friend in Paris, but she's working for two out of the four days I'm over there. In theory this will give me a chance to practice speaking French, but somehow I think I'll just mumble in English and / or starve hehe

    1. Yeah but it's quite nice being on your own in Paris for a little while, don't let me put you off, I'm just missing my friends who used to live here! Thanks for commenting, I hope you have a lovely weekend!