Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"C'est trop swag"

Once again I have become so consumed by the book I am currently reading- 'Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell' by Susanna Clarke, a story of magic and fairies, set in the 19th Century- that I find myself thinking in the style of the narrative...

It has rendered me quite incapable of achieving anything useful, for I spend most of my free time reading the aforementioned book. I am also convinced that I have been enchanted. Perhaps it is the muggy weather.

I can't concentrate on anything and keep wasting my afternoons, reading and napping in between teaching and my au pair job, when I should be out in the city enjoying my last two months of living in Paris.

I want to blog but not sure what to say. Can't be bothered to do anything, really. It's funny because I know I'm leaving Paris at the end of July but as yet haven't made any plans to pack up my room or travel back to England. Maybe I will just lie on my bed until somebody comes to get me. The horrible thing is I don't think anybody would come and get me- oh everybody says that they want me to move back, but are they willing to actually hire a van, drive to France, pack up my things for me and drive me back to England?

Are they fuck.

People are so unbelievably lazy and disorganised, it's astounding.

My mum did ask me over Skype if I'd be staying with her at any point of the summer, but as she had just finished telling me about how their monstrous new 'puppy' thinks it is fun to bite people's hands, the answer was a resounding no.

Apparently the Puppy Trainer said you have to put your hand over the dog's mouth, to train it not to bite... What is wrong with people?


Another weekend been and gone. On Saturday night I ended up in the bar of Mama Shelter with Ruth and her friends, a 'boutique hotel' about ten minutes walk from Gambetta. I'm sure it's a lovely hotel but it was a weird scene and not at all where I wanted to find myself on a Saturday night, feeling a bit fucked and in a brightly-lit hotel restaurant/bar, dodging out of the way of waitresses carrying plates of meat. We stayed for one drink then went across the road to Le Gambetta, an almost-empty bar, with a reggae DJ. As the night went on, the bar filled up and it was really fun.

Not so fun was the next day, when I woke up at Ruth's and felt really sick and faint. I was supposed to meet Kayt and her boyfriend at Parc de Belleville but I asked her to come and pick me up from Ruth's instead, because the thought of venturing out alone terrified me.

We were supposed to meet Julia for lunch at the restaurant at the top of the park, but a strange thing happened- we decided against the restaurant (because they've changed the menu and it's gone really expensive) and Julia still hadn't turned up, so we went into the park to find her. We found her sitting in front of  a camera, on a wall, being interviewed. We couldn't get her attention because we didn't want to interrupt filming, so we just left her there.

We went to this gyoza restaurant that Ruth told us about ages ago- you can get fifteen gyoza for five euros. Julia joined us (and explained that the filming had been for a public project about how young people in Paris use public spaces) so we ended up getting sixty raviolis between four of us. I can't work out if the restaurant is called Restaurant Raviolis or Guo Xin, or Restaurant Raviolis Guo Xin, but whatever it's called you should go if you like Chinese ravioli because it's so cheap!!

After eating we went to our new favourite Chez Justine for Happy Day, this time I looked at the menu properly and discovered that is also Happy Day every Saturdays, not just Sunday. Happy news. We were there so long that soon it was time for tea so we got burgers there too, they were good but as they were fifteen euros each we just got two between four of us, we thought we should start being money-conscious... especially as we had just bought twelve cocktails.

On the metro journey home we pretended that the man opposite me was my boyfriend so that I didn't feel like a third wheel with Kayt and Adam. Dave (as we named him) was ridiculously rude and didn't talk to me once throughout the whole journey, in fact he didn't even look up from his book. And he had his headphones in! I felt really embarrassed in front of Kayt and Adam and apologised to them on Dave's behalf, but really I shouldn't have to. I wish he would grow up, stop being so sulky and start acting like my boyfriend instead of some stranger who just happens to be sat opposite me on the metro.


Goodness, do you know, I completely forgot to blog about SBTRKT. It was really good but we left at 4am, the club was just too crowded and full of dickheads. The night reminded me why I never go to Social Club. I see the same arseholes in there every time I go, do they really not go to any other clubs? The bouncers were ridiculously rude, to the point where we were laughing at them. Kayt had to exit the club upstairs so she could get signal on her phone and show the bouncer our digital tickets, but the bouncers outside didn't want her to be outside for Some Reason, so they pushed her round and round by the shoulder like we were playing Blind Man's Bluff.

Once again I have to ask myself... What is wrong with people?

SBTRKT was really good, he played A LOT of hip hop, which I wasn't expecting at all, but of course everyone in Paris loves hip hop...  

C'est trop swag, quoi.

(By the way, everyone has started to make sarky comments about my kimono, at first I thought that maybe I've been wearing it too much [I've barely taken it off since wearing it out in society for the first time a week and a half ago] but on deeper reflection I am convinced people are just jealous and wish to relieve me of it somehow, either because it has magic powers, or because I possess magic powers when I am wearing it. This might be the book talking, but I'll keep you posted.)


  1. Dave is such an ignorant bastard.

    1. Yeah but, I only tell you the bad stuff about him. You don't know him like I know him, he's ok really, he's under a lot of pressure from his job, from his job at the jam factory.

  2. I really liked 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell', it was a very good book. I read it last month. I didn't like all the ridiculously long footnotes, though!
    (And I have to agree, Dave sounds very rude hehe).

    1. Aw I loved the footnotes, with all the folk tales and imagined magical history! Just finished it the other day and feel a bit sad now... Thanks for commenting!