Friday, 31 May 2013


Today in the nursery, I got a present from a kid who's leaving- it was a 'strip shooter game'.


It was from Sunshine, the little girl I saw in Comptoir Général a few weeks ago, or rather it was from her mum, who is from Manchester. I know I shouldn't have favourites... but Sunshine is my favourite, was my favourite. From the bright lights and boulevards of Paris they're moving to... 


I had a lot of things that I wanted to blog about, but can't remember them now. I finished yesterday's blog post abruptly because I had to go and accompany Kayt to the medical centre so she could get 'some scans'. She bloody loves the doctors. It was like taking her to a theme park, she even got to take her scan home in a gift bag emblazoned with the Radiology Department logo.

The medical centre was GRIM- lots of scabby, handwritten signs and dark, tiled walls. Basically, it was a medical centre for 'poor people'. Kayt lives in quite a rough area, but there's a few 'bobos' and rich families that live there too... I'm guessing they all go to the 'other' medical centre. 
It makes me feel all riled up and angry in defense of the NHS- why would anybody want to get rid of it? 

Yesterday we had to queue up to tell them Kayt had an appointment, then we had to queue up to get a slip of paper, then Kayt went down to the radiology department and they told her to go back upstairs to the 'check-out' to pay for her scan, then she went back down for her scan, waited, had her scan, waited for her results... then we had to do the whole thing again for her second scan.

It wasn't cheap, either.

To be fair, the whole process didn't take too long, it just seemed like a very long-winded way of doing things. Kayt said her doctor was lovely as well. I'm not saying the French healthcare system is bad, I'm saying that I love the NHS.

Anyway, I know what I wanted to blog about now- there was a silver lining to me not getting a second audition at Guildhall...

This month Paris had two really good dance music festivals- Marvelous Island and Weather- and I couldn't go to either of them: Marvelous Island because I was away at the seaside; and Weather Festival because I was in London for my audition. But TC and OJ told me there was a Weather Festival after-party on Sunday night that I could go to and Sonja Moonear was playing, a DJ they've only recently discovered and who, they've told me, I MUST AND SEE. 

They had a few friends over from England as well, who had come to Paris for Weather Festival. By the time I arrived at TC and OJ's flat on Sunday evening, they'd all been raving for two days already and weren't sure if they'd make it to the after-party... A few hours and a few drinks later, everyone was ready to go out again.  

TC, her friend Sarah and her boyfriend decided to stay in the area for drinks as the party was a long, long way away. It was at the Porte de Versailles 'exposition park' at the end of Line 12, the same place that We Love Dice was. When we arrived, there was a little queue of people near the main gates, but OJ pointed out a building on the other side of the complex, high up on the other side of the motorway, with strobes and shadows dancing in the windows. That had to be it.

We walked round the gated complex, looking for an entrance. It was chucking it down with rain, but now I associate all Parisian raves with the rain and I quite like it. (It always seems to be raining when I go in or come out of a rave, but everybody is so happy that they don't mind.)

After walking for about thirty minutes, we realised we'd come full circle- the little queue had to be the queue for the Weather party, but how did it lead to that building of lights and beats, up above the world so high? (Like a diamond in the sky?)

It was like being in an airport. We went up escalators, walked across a glass bridge (which took us across the duel carriageway) and traveled along moving walkways... We couldn't hear any music or see any other people. I started to think that maybe we had accidentally queued to get into an airport.

Then we reached the 'club' (I think it actually has a name now, like 'Electro' or something) and we could suddenly hear the music. We got inside and it was amazing- it was nowhere near as crowded as it had been at Loco Dice! There was room to dance, no queues at the bar and the windows weren't steamed up, so the lights of Paris were visible through the huge glass walls. It was so different to We Love Dice, when people were shoving and pushing and running around like dickheads.

We arrived just in time to see the last five minutes of Sonja Moonear's set, which was a shame because she was really, really good and then somebody else came on and all of a sudden the energy just went dowwwwn. 


I didn't think I was that fucked, but I don't remember much of the night, although it was two weeks ago...  I remember we went to the smoking area a lot and OJ had a metallic pink cape with him and people were doing the limbo with it... I remember one of OJ's friends met a really, really tall Dutch man and asked to get on his shoulders, then he made the really tall guy get on his shoulders... 

I've got no idea what the music was like, just that it was techno. I also have no idea what time we left, but when we got back to the flat TC, Sarah and her boyfriend were still awake- yey, everybody together again. We carried on drinking but people dropped off one by one until it was just me and TC left- we decided the best thing to do would be to stay up all night.

Somehow the morning came and people started waking up. TC made me five coffees and then we all went to their local bar for brunch and by brunch I mean four Bloody Marys. I'd never had a Bloody Mary before but I see now why people drink them after a night out drinking, it was like nourishing my body with food and topping up my alcohol levels at the same time.

All of a sudden I felt really sinister. It was an 'optional' Bank Holiday and luckily I didn't have to be in the nursery, but my au pair family had said they might need me. I TOLD the mum to text me the day before, otherwise I would stay out all night and not be able to go into work. She hadn't texted me but she did send me a message about my food shopping... I knew she'd asked me to go into work, I knew it...

In the end I turned my phone off.

After 'brunch' we went back to TC and OJ's and soon it was time for their friends to get the Eurostar home. I hate that feeling when the rave and its aftermath is coming to an end and it will soon be time to face Real Life. 

I didn't go home until about 9pm. I was sure everyone on the metro was staring at me (they probably were, it being Paris), I was sure I looked mental and I didn't know what to do with my hands or my face and I didn't know where to look. I suddenly realised it was Monday and I hadn't been in work. I rang Kayt and she said:

"Hold on a sec I'm just talking to Adam (her boyfriend), I'll call you back."

I burst out crying and put the phone down. When she rang me back two seconds later, I answered as if I didn't know who she was and couldn't think why she was calling. I'd obviously scared her with my crying but I felt really emotional and mental. There was an English couple sat next to me and I kept looking at them sideways as I whispered into the phone:

"I just feel a bit paranoid. I've not slept for a while. What day is it? I didn't go into work Kayt and I don't know what day it is."

The English couple looked at me like I was a talking into a potato, attached by a string to my tin foil hat.

It was all a bit messy, to be honest. The next day I had to go and teach a drama lesson, then I got home and realised my phone was broken (that's THREE phones that have broken now in as many weeks). I emailed Kayt and asked her to come round to mine for lunch, then when there was no reply I decided to go and get a sandwich from Marks and Spencer. 

When I arrived home I found a very alarmed looking Kayt lurking in the corridor, she'd been banging on my door, thinking I was inside, either collapsed on the floor or hiding under the covers having a paranoid freak-out. She'd been messaging everyone, asking if they'd heard from me.

"Erm, she just went to get a sandwich." she then had to inform people.

When I went to my au pair job later on, the mum even didn't mention the day before, although the nanny told me she'd gone to work in the afternoon... I wonder if the mum called the nanny because I'd gone AWOL?

I guess it doesn't matter, all's well that ends well.

Tonight me and Kayt are going to see SBTRKT, I'd forgotten all about it! I can't believe we were supposed to go almost four months ago.

The song below reminds me how much money I've spent these past two weeks, on absolutely nothing, on crap. Sucked into a culture, living like I do. Disgusting amounts of drink, eating out, make-up, make-up remover, kimono jackets that I have still never worn... 

I'll wear it when it stops raining ok and it will be worth every penny...

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