Monday, 8 April 2013


Tentacle Erotica?

Accidentally went out yesterday- a casual afternoon drink at Comptoir Général turned into many and then we all went for Chinese in Belleville...

But guess what!

Not longer after I arrived, I noticed a woman stood at the bar with two kids. She was wearing one of those purple bowler hats with cat ears on and her kids were dressed in the same shade of purple... then I looked properly at one of the little girls and I realised she's in my nursery class! Some toddlers in Paris are too cool for their own good. 

I've met Sunshine's* mum before, she's from Manchester and once asked me why none of the other teachers can pronounce my name properly (imagine my name was Jessica and all the teachers and kids call me Wheshipa- that's how far off they are, but it's been so long now that it's too late to correct them).

I went over to say hi and after that the toddler kept coming over to play with me. It was a really surreal experience, I would be drinking my beer and talking to Kayt about octopus porn* or crack or something and then suddenly notice this little face peeking up at me from the side of my chair. She brought loads of coats over and made a tent out of our table. She's so cute and at first I was really happy to chat to her and play with her a little bit, but I was relieved when her parents came over to say they were leaving...

Anyway, I'm procrastinating, I should be practicing my speeches but for some reason it's the last thing I want to do. My friend Mog is in Paris for a few days and I'm hoping to see her later, but I sent her to Chez Gladines (she's here with friends, I didn't send her alone) and they probably won't even be seated yet.

I can't believe my audition is in two days. I do feel like I've worked hard though, on Saturday I performed my speeches for Holly and she helped me work out some movement for my Shakespeare piece- it really helped having someone look at it other than my own own reflection. Also I can't act properly in my Cinderella Room, because I know all the neighbours can hear me and will think I'm ranting to myself. I should be doing it right now though. I should be going over them...

If only B hadn't lent me the second season of 'Game of Thrones', I haven't been able to stop watching it.

The sexy men in fur are calling me...

I think if I over-practice my speeches they'll seem too rehearsed and stale, non?

I can hear swords clashing...

Ok... I should probably watch the rest of the series now, so that I won't be thinking about it tomorrow.

Imagine how well my cloak would fit in, if I were suddenly transported into the world of 'Game of Thrones'?

Am I really going to London in two days, to audition? ARGH.

*I can't use her real name because it is even more unusual than Sunshine...
**No seriously, it is a Real Thing. When we went for Chinese I was telling everybody about  my new-found suspicion and fear of the octopus race and Ruth's boyfriend told us about 'tentacle erotica'- to call it by its scientific name- so obviously we had to look it up online straight away... I'm still having nightmares. Don't search for it, seriously. I don't understand how it's not in the news more often, surely people die from putting tentacles- ENOUGH. Can't think about it anymore. Gaaaaaaaah. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD??


  1. Sky put the first two seasons on demand on last Monday - we are now up to date!

    I can imagine you swishing around Winterfell in your cloak...

    Beth xxxx

    1. Ah, you love it too! I don't know how I'm going to watch the third season... Might have to make do with swishing round my room in the cloak for now, I'll see you in London tomorrow! xxx