Sunday, 21 April 2013


This morning I couldn't sit up, couldn't think straight. I had the shaky shakes, walking on legs of jelly, wibble wobble, wibble wobble, someone get me a glass of water.


I've not felt that bad since the morning after my birthday last year and last night I made the same mistake- drinking solidly for twelve hours with not so much as a bag of crisps to line my stomach. Beer isn't food, kids. I stayed at Ruth and her boyfriend's flat last night and this morning I felt awful, hanging around their living room like a sticky spilt drink, or the smell of stale cigarettes.  Ruth was really sweet and got me bread and a banana from the shop, then I had a shower and I started to feel normal again.

I did not expect last night to be so messy. OJ and TC said they weren't up for a massive one because they've got loads of big weekends coming up, but we arranged to meet for afternoon drinks in the sun. I taught two drama classes in the morning then met up with Ruth at Jardin des Plantes for a walk in the sunshine. I thought I'd have a coffee with Ruth, a drink with OJ and TC, then go home, get changed and go to Rex Club with Julia and some of her friends from uni...

It was one of those lovely days that turns into a lovely evening, which then turns into a very messy, confusing night. Some parts are a blank. Me and Ruth met TC and OJ at Point Ephémère then Ruth had to go for dinner with her boyfriend, she came back an hour and a half later and we were still in exactly the same spot. Ruth's never met TC and OJ before, I knew they'd get on.

I love how all my friends know each other, I've started a Supper Club (I know, I know- Clare's influence I think, although 'Tea Club' doesn't have the same ring to it) with Kayt, Holly, B, Cleo, Julia and Ruth, so far we've been to Chez Gladines and A la Biche au Bois and last night we invited TC and OJ to join too. I like being in a club, I might make little badges and a secret handshake...
From Point Ephémère we went to TC and OJ's apartment for Some Reason, then we went to a party round the corner. A few months ago a new English girl in Paris blog popped up on the scene that I really enjoyed- Boulevard de Cliché. All of a sudden, the blog posts stopped coming and then I got a message on Twitter from the blogger, explaining that she now gets to paid to blog for someone else so she doesn't have time for Boulevard de Cliché. She also asked if I wanted to meet up for 'drunken fun' but we never got round to it... Then last night, she invited me to a party she was having so me, Ruth, TC and OJ decided to pop in. 

I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing, we were all mashed and nobody at the party was drunk yet. I had a lovely chat with the author of Boulevard de Cliché and then we left to go to Ruth's flat, for Some Reason. We had a very edgy metro ride, or was that when we got a taxi? I've just remembered leaning over the front seat to look at photographs of the taxi driver's daughter at her wedding, then he showed us photos of the village in Cameroon he left behind. He showed us photos of the well he paid for, before that they had to walk for miles to get water. Nice chatting to you, Mr Taxi Man, could have knocked off that 'fourth person' charge though...

When we got to Ruth's flat her boyfriend and his friend were there. We did some more chatting, everybody got one well, filling me with a warm glow of accomplishment for bringing people together. We went to La Bellevilloise and a lot of it is a blur. I think it was hip hop. I bloody hope it was because I remember grinding and winding, convinced I was a Hip Hop Superstar. Actually, if I remember rightly, I was grinding and winding on The Friend of Ruth's.

Don't even have the energy to be embarrassed.

I don't know if we were in La Bellevilloise for one hour or three, but suddenly Ruth, her boyfriend and The Friend disappeared. Me, TC and OJ looked for them everywhere and decided to call it a night, then Ruth called me, telling us to go back to their flat, she said they'd looked for us everywhere and gone home.

Everything was so confusing and hazy. 

We went back to their flat, then TC and OJ decided to go home. They'd only come out for a few beers after all...

The Friend said he didn't mind me sharing the sofa bed with him and I couldn't bear the thought of stumbling home in the state I was in, so I stayed over...

TC and OJ invited me to their wedding! I really want to go but I'm just worried I'll be awkward and also not sure if I can afford it. Last night I was one hundred percent definitely GOING and also I told them I'd go to Secret Garden Party- they're going with all their mates for a sort of honeymoon. I love SGP but the tickets are really expensive now and not sure if I can get the time off work... I want to go to a festival though!

It's so shit, I'm going to miss Weather Festival and Marvelous Island, because of auditions and my au pair job- I have to go to their country house for five whole days. They said I can take a friend again but I don't know anyone bored enough to spend five days in  a chambre de bonne, in Normandy.

Oh and just because I don't like to leave things unfinished- when Clare was here we went to an anarchist bar in Menilmontant with Ruth and Kayt, then on Sunday we went to Jardin du Luxembourg where we saw our second anti-gay marriage march of the weekend. What the fuck is wrong with people? Nobody is making YOU marry a gay person, calm down.

Don't know what to do with myself now. Feel a bit fucked still. It's such a beautiful day but I don't feel up to going outside. I should plan my lesson for tomorrow...

Think I will just lie on my bed staring out of the window until it goes dark outside, then panic and cry because I haven't planned my lesson for tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I feel like a bit of a stalker because I read your blog a lot (I'm pretty normal really, honest!). I'm starting my summer au pairing in Spain and then I have a job in a school there from September. How quickly did you settle in and find friends? Bit worried I'm going the end up being That English Girl, wandering around on my own every day being laughed at by the locals...

  2. I prefer to call my stalkers 'fans'... You'll make friends don't worry! When I first came to Paris I went on the Au Pairs in Paris Facebook page and met people through that and my friend back in England introduced me to a French girl she'd met who had once interned at Oxfam in Manchester, also I made friends with other nannies in the park and I made friends at the restaurant I worked at last year, plus I've met a couple of people through my blog. There's loads of ways to make friends, you could go on the Meet Up website and see if they have any 'meet ups' near you, also you could put up little cards looking for conversation exchange, that would be a good way of getting friendly with the locals... Good luck and thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks for the reply! Currently going from being super excited to really scared but I guess all the best things in life have to start somewhere... Easing myself in gently with 8 weeks of au pairing and then a few weeks at home to sort myself out before moving over there properly. So much to do, so little time!