Tuesday, 30 April 2013


First of all, it didn't rain!

It wasn't exactly warm, but it was nice enough to enjoy the outside terrace. The new venue, on the edge of the gorgeous Parc de Floral, is not what I was expecting- it's a lot bigger and reminded me of a teeny tiny Zoo Project. There was an area with food vendors and giant rubber rings for people to take a break from dancing and the outdoor DJ booth was draped with camouflage netting.

The only other time I've been to Cocobeach was at the end of my first year in Paris and Georgie's DJ friend took us there after Villette Festival. The whole thing felt like a well-kept secret, house music and relaxed ravers, tucked away by a quiet part of the Seine. Back then the venue was a lot smaller, decked out like a beach hut bar, down by the quai de la Rapée at Gare du Lyon.

This year, Cocobeach has certainly lost its 'well-kept secret' vibe but not necessarily in a bad way; there were a lot more people there, but it's a much bigger venue. As the event is so much bigger, they should  have sacked off the whole guest list thing.... but they didn't. It was supposed to be five euros before 4pm if you were on Guestlist, ten euros after and you could also buy tickets on Resident Advisor for ten euros.

We arrived at 3.30pm and as usual there was a massive scrum outside the gates, with two bouncers at the front yelling and not letting anyone past. I might set up a business where I take Parisian bouncers over to London for the weekend, to show them how it's done properly.

If you think I'm just being a dickhead- one of the bouncers punched me in the nose when I was at the front of the scrum. OK, so it was an accident- he punched his arm out to make a barrier with his arm- but it was fucking unnecessary. I yelled out and the bouncer just sneered at me, then he shouted at me when I tried to duck under his arm to join Kayt on the other side.

People with tickets were allowed to cut through the crowd, which I understand but it caused a horrible crush as people tried to make room for ticket-holders. Then there were some people who just barged past everyone really obnoxiously and the bouncers let them in. Queue-cutting shouldn't be rewarded!

Saying all that, we only queued for about half an hour, which is good by Paris standards. Once we got inside I was really impressed with the venue, even if the inside space did look a bit like a community centre. The outside venue was pretty cool as I mentioned above and when it went dark it was even better:

Photo of the exterior, from Cocobeach Party Facebook page.
It was a bit weird raving in the daylight, especially as the outside terrace looked out over Parc de Floral and there were old couples and families with young children stood on the other side of the fence gawping at us. Talking of kids, the first thing that struck me when we walked into Cocobeach was how young everyone was. We felt like the oldest people there. There were some kids there who I just couldn't believe were eighteen, although the bouncers were checking ID so I guess they must have been. As the afternoon wore on and turned to evening, the people coming in seemed to get older and the crowd became more mixed. Good- nobody likes to feel like they've accidentally queued up to get into a school disco.

The other worrying thing was that not everyone had ignored the Flower Power theme- there were lots of people with headscarves, wigs and comedy glasses on. I'm all for dressing up, but hippie costumes remind me of 60th birthday parties, baldy Barry from down the road donning a long, blonde wig and a giant CND necklace from Smithy's... not what I want to be reminded of at a rave.

If I seem like I'm moaning a lot... let me get onto the music. It was so nice to see all new DJs that I hadn't heard before and to love all the music. When we were outside the music was quite chilled out, then it suddenly came up up up and the weather didn't seem so bad and for a few hours we could pretend it was summer...

Dusk came and the party moved inside. I didn't expect it to be such a... rave. I think I was remembering the last time I went with Georgie and so I was expecting it to be chilled out, more of daytime thing, but all of a sudden it felt like 5am and everyone was fucked...

We left just before the end and got the night bus home. I was dreading all the Normal People going to work, staring at the fuckheads on their way home from a rave... but then I realised it was only 2am! It felt like 7am, in the middle of winter because it was so dark. The journey home was long but without incident, apart from when we got off the bus a horrible man started talking to us, putting his arm round Kayt's waist and trying to walk with us. Then he got angry and tried to follow us home. Luckily, because it was so early, Kayt's corner shop was still open and as we approached the shop the stopped following us and went back to his mates, who were stood at the bottom of the street drinking. None of them thought it was a good idea to step in and tell their horrible mate to leave it out... I don't know any boys that would casually hang around chatting while someone they knew harassed two girls. Oh, Paris. Can't you open some sort of Behaviour Correcting Facility for perverts and weirdos?

As it's the school holidays, I wasn't in the nursery on Monday morning, so I had a lovely long sleep and woke up feeling ok. I think daytime raving is very time-efficient: instead of spending all day sleeping and getting ready for the rave, then all night and the next morning day raving, then an entire day recovering from the rave; you spend all day raving, get a good night's sleep and then you're able to function normally the following day. Perfect.

So Cocobeach was definitely more a Go go than a No no. I looked online to see when the next event is and guess what...

It's going to be at Showcase.

WHY does this always happen? I thought it was going to be on regularly throughout the summer, at that lovely venue by Parc de Floral. Gutted.

Also, at some point in the evening my phone broke (might have had something to do with the open bottle of beer I'd put in my bag) and I lost my Magic Ring- it's a big, green, iridescent, mystical thing of beauty and it was my favourite piece of jewellery in the whole world. In fact, it was the only piece of jewellery I haven't managed to lose since I moved to Paris. It's tragic.

Anyway, here are some of the DJs that played on Sunday, I'll be looking out for them:

Luna City Express - (Moon Harbor / Watergate) / Berlin
é - (Dantze / Still vor talent) / Berlin
é Salé – (Dantze / French Kitchen) / Paris

P.S I've just remembered that for Some Reason, they were giving everyone free shots of Jagermeister...


  1. The Cocobeach's party at Showcase is NOT a real Cocobeach; It is just a paery with Sucré Salé which belongs to Cocobeach. So Coco just put its name on the flyer, but it will not be a Coco. The Coco will be all sundays at Parc Floral, like last year when it was all sundays at Chalet des Iles, don't worry. If you see an event with Cocobeach on the flyer that is not on Sundays : its not a Cocobeach.

  2. next one @ showcase is not a cocobeach party ! it's a showcase of cocobeach label called "french kitchen" and owned by the two guys from SuCré SaLé ... Be aware !

    Thx for the article ...

    CoCoBeaCh Crew

    1. I'm glad to hear that!

      And Sunday was amazing, thank youuuuu

  3. ahh sweet memories of Sunday raves. I want to do it all again. I had totally forgotten about my test tube of jagermeister

    1. I thought it would be so worng but it felt like hot tingly honey in my parched mouth... mmmm.