Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bad Crowds and Bhangra Bass

So many things jumbling around in my head, too hungover to write them all out in chronological order. Last night I went round to B's for some pre-drinks before we went out, only we couldn't decide where we wanted to go. Ruth and her friends were at Republique but there was a Nineties Night at La Machine... How could we choose between socialising with new people... and Coolio?

We looked online and saw that Wanderlust was having a night called 'Acid Arab'. There was a link to an Acid Arab mix on Soundcloud and unfortunately it was a bit too heavy on the Acid, not enough Arab. But it gave us some ideas. We found a techno remix of Benny Lava (if you don't know what Benny Lava is, click here) then revisited some old faves that we decided could be categorised into our New Music Genre: Bhangra Bass, a natural progression from Acid Arab.

After a lot of enthusiastic dancing, we realised that no matter where we went, they would definitely not be playing techno remixes of Bollywood songs and we had to ask ourselves, what was the point in going out? B slyly suggested that we stay in, dancing to Bhangra Bass and drinking ourselves into a comatose state of sleep. Then we noticed it was 2am and we'd missed the last metro- that sealed the deal. We chatted about everything and everyone. We showed each other photos of past love interests on Facebook. We watched a lot of videos of Prince Harry on YouTube and talked about him like he was our son... who we were having an incestuous relationship with: He's grown into such a wonderful man, he's strong-minded but very conscientious, he's incredibly well-balanced, I'm so proud of him and also definitely want to have sex with him.

This morning B described it as a 'Top Night Out In'.

As we didn't spend any money on going out last night, we decided we were allowed a blow-out McDonald's this afternoon. We both got the nine chicken nugget meal. There was a beggar outside the window and I just sat there, stuffing my face and watching him hobble about, with his hand held out like an empty bowl. It was grim. I am grim. Paris is grim. (Amen.)

After McDonald's B had to go to work, she works at my old restaurant now. When she was looking for a job I told her to apply there but because she's been reading my blog for quite a long time, she remembered how much I used to moan about it when I first started. But it's alright when you get used to it, I really enjoyed it those last few months, when I worked with Mez and Ruth and Cleo. In the end B decided to apply anyway and she's now been working there a few weeks. I went into work with her today to say hello my old manager.

Also... there are loads of rugby matches on today and I thought that the bar might be packed with rowdy British rugby LADs, here for the weekend and looking for girls with an excellent grasp of the English language to take them out on the town. There weren't any, of course, but there were a lot of men in kilts. I've seen a lot of men in kilts today, actually. Apparently there was a big Scottish thing on this morning at Montmartre, with men in kilts playing bagpipes and stuff. It is St.Andrew's day? Google says no. Oh.

Anyway! Later we're going to Cirque Paradis because I've never been and tonight the music looks really good. It's twenty euros but that includes a drink. I'm excited for the music, a little bit apprehensive about the what the club will be like. Recently I've been feeling disenchanted with raves and clubs in Paris...

I never told you about 'We Love Dice' but it was kind of disappointing... Loco Dice were good but for a We Love Art event, the lighting and the venue weren't anything special and the crowd was HORRENDOUS. It was unbelievably packed, they'd sold way too many tickets and there was no room to dance. People were actually running about, for No Reason. Passers-by were shoving us out of the way and one obnoxious raver even pushed down on my shoulders to get past me. It was unbearable. I feel like an old lady, complaining about crowds all the time, but every time we went on the dance floor there would be a sudden swell of people trying to leave or move further in the crowd, resulting in a huge, lung-squeezing crush. Also, I don't think the music was loud enough.

I felt really bad, because I'd convinced everyone it was going to be the best rave EVER. I told them about how good 'We Love Art' events are, always in a huge venue with amazing lighting and projections and stuff, but 'We Love Dice' was just too packed. Also, it was snowing and the cloakroom and the toilets were outside. The venue could have been so nice, it was on the roof of a huge building which sat at the top of a steep hill. There were floor to ceiling glass windows looking out over the whole city, but they were either steamed up or hidden by the stage. Pffft.

House is too popular, every event seems to be full of dickheads who don't want to dance, they just want to take up space on the dance floor and then push past you in order to take up a different space, two metres away from where they started. I know people want to make money, but if people are paying twenty five euros or more for a ticket, they should be allowed some space to dance and to breathe. On the day of We Love Dice, they released an extra one hundred tickets. Hadn't they made enough money??

In May there's a festival here called Marvellous Island and the Wednesday (it's a mid-week festival, but the Thursday is a bank holiday or something) looks really good, but it's Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones... I'm scared it will be a Bad Crowd and too busy.

Oh my God. Talking of bad crowds...  that free techno thing I went to last Friday night was just as we had feared- a psychedelic, trippy-trance dance fest that Techno Viking would have reveled in. Julia told us the music would be mental, but assured us that everybody got really fucked and had a good night. Me and Kayt, however, just couldn't get our heads around the mad techno trance and Cleo has never really been clubbing before, so we left before even buying a drink. (We didn't leave Julia on her own, we were also with a guy from Julia's art school and Julia's flatmate... they didn't like it either.)

Actually, I said 'talking of bad crowds' but the one good thing about last Friday was that the crowd was fine- it was a really odd mix of hipsters, crusties and teenagers and Julia was right- everyone was off their faces, having a good time. It was entertaining to watch, for a few minutes, then somebody gave me a flyer for an Organic Trance night and I decided it was time to go home.

If tonight is a disaster, I'm not going raving again until somebody organises We Love Bhangra Bass.

This is who's playing tonight by the way:

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