Friday, 25 January 2013

Skank It Up

Going to Glaz'art tonight for some dub music from Bristol. I haven't got a ticket, hope I don't go all the way to the ghetto and get turned away at the door.

Guys, I crumbled- I texted Mizmiz Man. He really does have a sexy voice, honestly, if you would have heard the message you would have texted him too. We've arranged to go for a drink tomorrow night and I mean, we've actually arranged it this time, with a place and time.

I half want him to not show up, so I can carry on imagining him as being way better looking than he is. Also, he doesn't speak English so it could be really awkward... I haven't been speaking any French recently, apart from at the nursery and I can hardly talk to him about farm animals, can I? Last weekend I went to Abby's birthday party and I didn't speak to any of her French friends, I just chatted to Abby, Kayt and Julia, plus Julia's sister who I have met loads of times before, but for Some Reason I kept calling her 'Loire' instead of 'Laure'. Loire is French for dormouse.

Mizmiz Man actually texted me tonight, telling me about a party his friend is having. I mean he suggested that I pass through, he wasn't just casually telling me about it. I don't have time to go before Glaz'art, but also I don't want to go. I'm scared.

I better get ready, the music is going to be really good tonight and B told me that loads of people from Bristol are coming to Paris for the night. I hope they don't sell all the tickets.

Also I have to go to my au pair job tomorrow at 10.30am. Will definitely have to wait for the first metro, as Glaz'art is in the middle of nowhere. That means I might be able to get three hours sleep at the most. I am trying not to think about it.


  1. Please write an update on sunday!

    1. I'm writing the update about Saturday night now, don't get too excited, it doesn't have a happy ending. Thanks for commenting, keep reading!

  2. love this blog, perfect hangover reading ha. cant wait to hear what else happens. how long have you been in paris?

    1. '...perfect hangover reading'- I like that.

      I've been in Paris for two and a half years, only meant to come here for ten months...

      Thanks for commenting!