Monday, 7 January 2013



I was just trawling the internet for upcoming events and now I'm in a sulk because the best nights this month- Cocoon Heroes, Paris-London Express (with Dusky) and Real Tone Club (with Maya Jane Coles)- are all at Showcase- Club of Death. I will not go to Showcase, I will not.

It's only round the corner as well. It's such a shame that the place is a badly-organised deathtrap, with bouncers who force you through cattle grids before shoving you inside a crammed-dungeon that is packed to the brim with dickheads who don't seem interested in the music, only in causing dangerous crushes in the tunnel that leads from the bar to the toilets oh and the same tunnel also takes people from the main doors to the cloakroom. Great idea, guys.

Then I stumbled across 'Die Höhle' (Berlinons Paris)- a twelve hour techno rave that The Commenter told me about a few weeks ago. I bought myself a ticket before they sold out and meant to get B, Kayt and Julia on it as well... only I completely forgot all about it and now they are no more tickets available.

It will be fine. I'll tag along with The Commenter and it will be fine. I'll be fine. I can be good with new people. It will be fine!

I'll stop saying fine now.

If you're not sure who I'm talking about, The Commenter is someone who has been commenting on my blog  for a while now, with really good recommendations for raves and electro nights. When I asked her how she found out about all these events she said that her and her boyfriend went to Cabaret Sauvage after reading about it on my blog (smug smirk from me) and met a group of cool people there who like good music.

I never expected to meet so many people from my blog. Before the holidays, somebody else who follows my Twitter account messaged me about a Warp Records event and offered to put me on guestlist. In the end I couldn't go because B and her friends had already decided to go to the Electro Swing night, but how nice is that?

Sometimes I feel that Paris is a small pond for an English girl who is interested in 'good music' and I mean that in a good way.


I just want to enjoy my last six months in this city, I'm sick of trying to plan for next year. But if I don't plan, I will end up staying another year and then I'll spend the whole of that year worrying about the year after that...

The drama school idea is potentially ridiculous. People keep telling me I am more of a writer but I've been out of uni for two and a half years yet and I haven't done much writing. Also- shit. Kayt just buzzed on my door and I have to break the news that for our 'Kayt's Finished Her Essay Celebration Night Out' on Saturday, I will in fact be celebrating at a techno rave and erm, she can't come.

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