Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mizmiz Man Is Risen


Guess what happened today.

Mizmiz Man sent me a text, asking if I wanted to go for a drink and maybe a dance...


Victory is mine. 

And we all thought he was dead... (Read this blog post if you don't know about the 'Kill Off Any Guy Who Isn't Interested in You Trick')

This afternoon, I got a text from B written in French, obviously meant for someone else. Just as I was about to reply, telling her she'd made a mistake, I saw the name again. It was a name beginning with 'B' but it wasn't her name... it was Mizmiz Man, risen from the dead just like Jesus Prawn.

I actually let out an audible HA of triumph as I read the message properly.

Who would have thought? I was so surprised to hear from him after giving him up for dead and swearing off all men.

The only downer is, he didn't mention the phone conversation we may or may not have had on Saturday, or my follow-up text message, so I still don't know whether it was him I spoke to or Ageing Reggae Man. If it was Mizmiz Man, then why was he ringing me from a phone box? I have no interest in wealth but... you can't afford phone credit? Sly on you.

After the initial excitement had died down (I know, I know- I was excited, how embarrassing for me), I decided to ignore the message and never contact him again, choosing instead to merely keep the message so that I could read it every once in a while and gloat over it, in the manner of a hoarding dragon.

I mean, what's the point?

He'll either turn out to be a weirdo, or else I'll really like him and he'll decide I'm a weirdo...

My French is shit and I make a bad first impression, the date will be a disaster...

I've never been on a date before, I don't really understand the concept... (I keep hearing that you're not supposed to sleep with people on a first date, so then what do you do afterwards? How do you decide when the date is over?)

I was the one that asked for his number, it doesn't bode well that I had to chase him down the street and ask for it. Surely if he was interested he would have asked me for my number?

If any of my friends are reading this and despairing over my mental worrying, don't worry- I have since changed my mind. Tonight I went out for free drinks with B- yes FREE DRINKS! She knows a place near Opéra where cocktails are free for girls every Wednesday, between 8pm and midnight. It's a teeny tiny bar called Earth's Kitchen. I can't believe the cocktails are free, I really don't know what they get out of it, apart from a lot of very drunk girls. One girl fell off her stool and smacked her head on the floor. The bouncers threw her out immediately, which I think is a bit harsh, considering they had been giving her FREE cocktails all night. What do they expect?

Me and B only had two drinks and didn't even feel tipsy- very classy of us, I know. I told her about Mizmiz Man and she thinks I should meet him for a drink, as does Kayt. Of course I should, if only to have something to blog about other than electro music and messiah prawns.

Tomorrow I'll blog about Mr Scruff but for now, let me just reiterate:

He texted me, ha! In your FACE Paris.


  1. what happened next?? love both the hoarding dragon and "kill off any guy" trick- hilarious!x

    1. Pfffft I'm sorry to inform you that not a lot happened really, I will explain in another post. I didn't have to kill him off, but I might have to soon... Thanks for commenting! x