Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Little Shirley Beans Launch Party

If you live in London, you should definitely go to the 'Little Shirley Beans Launch Party' tomorrow:

I've met Laura, or 'Little Shirley Beans', a few times- she's Olivia's friend from Liverpool and came to Paris a couple of times last year. She reworks vintage pieces into accessories, my favourites are the collars and collar necklaces she makes out of beaded lace, sequined silk and all kind of lovely things like that:

She's freaking out that nobody will go to the launch party, so if you live in London and you're reading this- GO! There will be cupcakes and cocktails, plus vintage and retro clothing, as well as the cute collars and accessories that Laura makes.

I'm trying to spread the word, as I can imagine how shit-scared I would be if it was me organising a launch party for something. I see on Facebook that my cousin and her friend Becky are going, excellent. I just wish I could go...

Little Shirley Beans Launch Party
TOMORROW (Wed 12th Dec) at 6:30pm
Revive London, 268 Holloway Road

Facebook Event

Little Shirley Beans blog

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  1. Wow!! These collar necklaces are so adorable. I just loved them. Want to try these amazing ones for my corporate party that will soon take place at one of corporate events NYC. Want to wear it there as it will look amazing. Will look for them on an online store.