Friday, 26 October 2012


I'm off to England tomorrow, for eight days!

After I'd bought my flights for my cousin's wedding, the mum of the au pair family told me the girls were going away for the first week of the October holidays, so I could stay in England for longer if I wanted... Changing the flights got me seventy six euros but you can't put a price on Good Times.

Word on the streets is that there are fucking strikes at the airport. I'm going to get to the airport for 5.30am, just to be on the safe side. PLEASE LET ME GET ON THE FLIGHT! My mum is picking me up from the airport and we are driving to the wedding, which is in Oxford.

I'm so excited!!!!

My nose is no longer scabby, I've been tending to it meticulously all week and by tomorrow it should be completely healed- just a bit red and raw, nothing a bit of concealer can't sort out.

ALSO I've just been doing my eyebrows and I am TRIUMPHANT, because a few weeks ago I noticed they were a little bit uneven and I freaked out, but I didn't let my eyebrows know I had noticed, I just carried on like normal, plucking the odd hair and letting them grow until...
BOOM-  I just grabbed the tweezers before they knew what was happening and swiftly went to work on the left eyebrow. I think my eyebrow obsession might be growing out of control- this week I had a bad dream where somebody found an old photo of me where I had really thin, high eyebrows and I was shouting "I never had eyebrows like that though!!"

Anyway, I'm so excited for the wedding. I'm going to wear that dress I bought when I was drunk on my birthday. After all the faffing about I went through getting them to take the waist in... it's now a bit tight. Serves me right I suppose. Too much duck in roquefort sauce.

Ok I have to go now! Kayt has finished babysitting so I am heading over to hers- we're getting the same flight in the morning.

Wish me luck. Pleeeeeeeease!!!!


  1. Is this someone trying to be sarcastic? I can only assume you think this post is boring...

    If so, you could have saved yourself the eight minutes it must have taken to post all those comments and used the time to do something enjoyable- calling a friend for a quick chat, eating a bag of crisps, flicking your bean e.t.c

    Don't waste your life leaving sarcastic comments on other people's blogs. Turn of the computer and get some fresh air.