Thursday, 27 September 2012

Secret Parties, Shivering in a Cloud

After last weekend, I've decided to Change.

From now on, I'm going to be pure, like snow. Purer than snow, in fact- I'm going to be a rain drop, shivering in a cloud and waiting to fall, looking down on the dirty earth below.

Hmm. I sound quite smug, don't I? Freezing and stuck in a cloud, still thinking I'm in a position to look down on everybody else just because I'm yet to transform into a polluted snowflake- destined to melt away in a muddy puddle, or else be turned yellow by the pungent urine of a cold badger. I don't know what Rain Drop Me is so smug about anyway, because I've just Googled 'clouds rain pollution' and it turns out rain drops are infected with pollution while they're still floating about in clouds...


Forget about pollution for a moment (but then get right back to worrying about it, ok? Time's running out kids and I for one do absolutely Fuck All to help the environment. I console myself by thinking one day, when I've had my fill of technology and roast dinners, I will run into The Bracken and live off wild berries); the point is I've decided to be Good and Wholesome.

But then last night I was talking to Julia about my blog and we decided that it's ok for me to go out all the time because I should make my blog more nightlife-based. Then Julia convinced me to go to Katapult Party- a 'secret party' at a 'secret location' with 'secret guests'. I really, really want to go. Julia has a family meal tomorrow until quite late, so we planned to go about 1am and have a really BIG ravey night and I was getting all excited and then...


I realised I have my first 'Learning English Through Drama' class on Saturday, at 10am. The annoying thing is, I'm not even teaching the lesson! I'm just going to observe and to get to know the kids, because some weeks I'll be substituting. Pffft. I definitely won't be getting paid for it, I'm just kind of going to be helpful. Am I too helpful? Should I just sack it off?

No. No, I can't. Sometimes you have to do things with the End Goal in sight and I need these classes on my C.V, especially if I want to apply to drama school next year.

But the Katapult Party looks sooo good. Apparently it will be as good as Concrete was before it got 'mainstream'. (Not my words- I'd never be presumptuous* enough to describe anywhere as 'mainstream'.) I love things that are secret and surprising, turning nights on the town into nights of adventure.

Maybe if I left at 5am, I could be home by half past (depending on where the 'secret location' is I suppose) then I'd have to wake up at 9am, meaning I could get three and a half hours sleep... if I managed to get to sleep at all.

No. I can't do it, I really can't do it.

It's not fair.

Life's not fair, I know this, but...


Forget it. I'm over it. I'm getting on with my life.

I do quite like the sound of being 'a rain drop, shivering in a cloud and waiting to fall', so maybe I'll just stick to that plan. But just because I'm not going out, doesn't mean that you can't. There's quite a lot on in Paris this weekend:

Foreign Beggars are playing at Le Cigale tonight, but it's sold out already. Of course, if Georgie was still in Paris we'd be probably be able to get on Guest List. I wonder just how crap my social life will be this year, without Georgie, who seems to be friends with absolutely anybody who has ever lived/hung out in London and touched a turnstile?

Tonight Birdy Nam Nam, Bambounou and French Fries are playing at Social Club...

Even though I love French Fries I'm NOT going. I kind of fell out with Social Club a little bit last year because it was overcrowded and overpriced but actually, on reflection: it's no more expensive than the Rex or Nouveau Casino, they always have good DJs playing and the crowd is more likely to be made up of Pretentious Dickheads than Dodgy, Rob-your-bag types, which can make a nice change, trust me.

Tomorrow is Seth Troxler at Showcase, but need I remind you that I swore a jihad on Showcase? Look, obviously Seth will be good but go at your own risk and don't, for the love of God, go in that bloody tunnel that leads from the entrance to the toilets, because you will probably be crushed to death.

Also, a quick sweep of Resident Advisor has revealed that Benji B is playing at La Machine tomorrow and I:Cube is playing at Rex Club.

The annoying thing is, I bet in a few weeks when I have a whole weekend of doing nothing stretching ahead of me, there will be NOTHING on in Paris.

Anyway, I'm depressing myself talking about all these nights that I can't go to- I shouldn't really be going out until I've booked flights back to England for my cousin's wedding, which is in three weeks, and then my Eurostar back to London for Olivia's birthday in November.

Have a look on Resident Advisor yourself.

*Presumptuous as in, I wouldn't presume I'm not mainstream. I'm in the stream, definitely, maybe not right in the middle splashing about with everyone else, but I'm definitely in there somewhere. Or am I  a rain drop in a cloud? So many metaphors... confusing myself...


  1. Olivia was right. I did mean that the general party was 'on', not that CircoLoco was 'on' but I was just so thrilled to look like I was in the 'know' that I didn't correct you. GO TO KATAPULT (capzloks excitement). I went to the one in July with Villalobos and it was amazing but rainy. And then there was an after party on a boat (not the Concrete one but very close to it) and Sonja Moonear played a set which was one of the best I have ever heard. Ever. Don't get on with your life. Just. Do. It. And I often find that some of my finest moments are when I have had no sleep at all. Oh and I agree with you a little about Concrete, for many reasons. And the final thing. I always get people over to Paris boasting about all the amazing things that are on and then when they come, there is nothing on. Devastating. And makes me look like a Rave Fantasist. TC x

    1. That. Sounds. Amazing... and now I'm gutted because I'm definitely not going, it's too late now and I bet it will never be on again. Pfft. Why is everything on at Showcase as well? I don't think you're a Rave Fantasist, but let me know when you next hear about something SUPER COOL AND UNDERGROUND which you always seem to know about before anyone else. Where do you get your information, TC?

    2. It will DEFINITELY be on again. Don't worry about that! Ha. Love that you think I am some sort of Parisian Underground Guru when in fact, when we moved to Paris, my boyfriend and I were looking for some good places to go to and we couldn't find anything outside of the clubs. But when I was looking for somewhere to abate my eyebrow obsession, I stumbled across a very funny blog (yours) and Cabaret Sauvage was mentioned so I thought I would check it out for when some friends were over and lo, and behold, Weather was on, we met some very cool people and they always tell us about some awesome nights. So. In fact. It was YOU! We have some friends coming over to Paris on the 6th so we will be going for a big night out then so you will have to come (thats when I mean it will be 'on')! Oh and, CAPZLOKS disappointment you are not going tonight! But there is loads of fun stuff about. TC aka Fraver (Fantasist Raver) x

    3. Ps Just to truly shatter your illusions of my coolness, I am currently sitting in M&S pjs watching 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' with a glass of wine.

    4. Oh my God. I have yet to watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo but I was obsessed with that episode of Toddlers and Tiaras last year... HA! I am the one who started your fantasist raver life rolling... Yes it is definitely on CAPZLOCK

  2. It's a bit unusual to see someone treating French club culture seriously 'cause there's obviously no such thing in France.
    Katapult parties on the other hand are kinda unique compared to almost every other events where people don't care about music (they can dance to _anything_ really and they can't tell a difference between techno/house/pop-music).
    And yea, everything is @ Showcase just because it's a fastfood in the Paris clubbing.

    1. What do you mean, treating it seriously? I'm not going out with a fucking clipboard and taking notes.

    2. I never said you're studying it or anything. What I was saying was more like you complain that it's cold in the North Pole.
      No offense though, I couldn't agree more with your observations (hope that didn't sound too scientific).

    3. Ha! I was coming back on here to delete my reply to your comment because it sounded harsh... I thought you were being condescending but I did find your comment interesting, I'm surprised you say there is no club culture in France!!

  3. Clubbing should always be about music in the first place. You go to listen to certain djs/producers, that's the primary objective of going to a club.
    Meeting with your friends, drinking and whatsoever is awesome too but you don't need a club for that 'cause you can go to a bar or hang out at someone's place. What you need from the club is music and atmosphere.
    And French clubbing atmosphere is so fucking corrupted that it made Trentemoller play Britney Spears in the middle of his set alongside of other pop crap.
    Most people in France don't care about music. They don't care who's playing today, is he good or not, what style he's playing, etc. As I've been saying they can dance to whatever, they just need to be high or drunk. As a result they're stomping on your legs or making out on the dancefloor.
    All that is far from the word "culture". And if you look at the average age of people in Showcase or Duplex it'll be like 20 years old. So, I blame them for turning clubs in Paris into kindergardens.

    1. Ah, I didn't reply in the right branch...

    2. I agree BUT I've had some really good nights in Paris, at places like Cabaret Sauvage and Galz'art. The idiots tend not to stray too far east...

      Unfortunately it means avoiding certain nights that I know will be really popular, which is a shame. I feel like it has to change one day soon though... surely???

    3. Well, Cabauret Sauvage has a really good line of ME parties bringing awesome techno/house djs but I'd say it's more the price of the ticket (~30 euros) which turns kids away.

      Back in the days when I was into d'n'b I used to go to Glaz'Art and La Java. Those parties were a bit small and they attracted people who mostly knew each other already and they didn't behave like kids. That's something to consider too: a random kid won't go to a small place, he'll always choose a big one -- like Showcase.
      I'd say big parties will never change, it's more about small parties like @ Batofar (Electronic Explorations guys make awesome nights) or Glaz'Art. So, the best thing to do is to support those guys because it's obviously hard to compete vs big clubs.

      Btw, yesterday party was kinda meh.. Ark and the guy before him was awesome but after that there was someone who played very plain retarded techno beat though all the set. I also had a feeling that sound system wasn't properly adjusted for his set but whatever. Can't say you missed much.

    4. Really? Where was the secret location? I've tried to look on the internet to see who else played but I can't find anything. I would have liked to have tried it, maybe next time...

    5. It was @ 7 spirits.
      I just know how Ark looks so it was easy to identify him, heh. No clue about others tho.

    6. Never been to 7 spirits, SO not where I would have expected Katapult to be! Next time- I'm going.