Sunday, 30 September 2012

Calm and Sweet

My new pure, wholesome self is going very well.

Yesterday I went to my au pair job for a couple of hours (in the end I agreed to rearrange my 'observation lesson' with Annabelle, because the mum said she really needed me. I know, I know- I'm being walked all over, but I like to be accommodating), then Kayt came round and made poached eggs with Hollondaise sauce. Dee-licious.

Then we wandered over to the Petit Palais for some CULTCHA. Unfortunately, and to my Eternal shame, I must admit I sullied our intellectual art experience by asking Kayt to play 'Shag, Marry, Kill' with a large 17th century painting composed of about thirty different portraits of very serious-looking men. I've just tried to look for it on Google and I can't find it, maybe it wasn't even from the 17th Century... Kayt said we're not really qualified to comment on art, after I looked at one painting I felt particularly drawn to and said:

"I like the moon."

Hmm. So, I might never be an Art Historian, but believe me when I say there are some lovely paintings in the Permanent Collection, really nice colours and stuff... (Now I feel like I should upload my dissertation or something to prove that I am a very Intellectual, Intelligent and Arty Person... If anyone is interested in Lorca's portrayal of women living in early twentieth century rural Spain in his three tragic plays, let me know, yeah?) It's free anyway, so definitely go. The little garden is worth a look as well:

Photo from:

After walking around Paris for about an hour, taking in the sights and talking about how lucky we were to be in Paris, we went to Bastille and met Ruth for Happy Hour.

(Yes, Olivia, if you're reading- we talked about how sad and strange it was coming out of the metro, knowing you weren't round the corner. It felt really weird actually.)

We went to le QG, on the corner of Rue de Roquette and Rue de Lappe, otherwise known as Costa del Paris. I know those cobbled streets are normally home to kebab-eating, drunken maniacs that make you feel as if you've gone on a LADs holiday to Kos by accident, but le QG do really lovely mojitos and during happy 'hour' (6 - 9pm every day) they are 5,50 euros.

From Bastille, Kayt had to go and babysit- frightfully bad luck, old gal- and me and Ruth (oh SOZ- 'Ruth and I') went to meet her new work friend in Belleville. I invited Becky, a girl who lived in Paris the first year I was here and is back for a couple of months, doing an internship.We went to Cafe Cherie where it was still Happy Hour for a bit and a pint of Amstell was 3,70 euros.

Yes, I got a little bit drunk BUT I was in bed, asleep by 1am.

I'm keeping it Wholesome and Pure.

Oh! I've really changed guys, I feel really different! I know you've heard it all before but honestly, from now on I'm going to be so GOOD. I really mean it. I'm going to be so fucking calm and sweet; people will think I'm a stationary fruit gum.

Amy arrives tonight and although I am very much looking forward to her visit- and also Lynn, Kayt's friend from Newcastle who moved to Liverpool and now lives with Amy, a lovely example of friends setting friends up with friends- she better not bring any Ridiculousness with her. She knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Just leave it out, Amy, alright? I've changed. Don't try and taint me with your Ridiculous Ways.


  1. Hmmm. I did a one-page Google search and no cigar; what's "stationary fruit gum?"


    1. A fruit gum that is stationary, i.e a fruit gum that is sitting veru quietly and calmly and not moving. PLEASE, you can't find this shit on Google!

    2. In the beginning, I had to look up your English slang in every other post. How different our English is from the U.S. to England.

    3. Hahahaha that's classic! It's not even slang, it's just an LBM witticism.

    4. I make a lot of things up, don't look for them in the dictionary... Also I guess I do sometimes use British slang without realising it- sick sick wicked safe etc. etc.
      Thanks Bossi!