Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I wish Olivia had never introduced me to Pinterest, it's just another way for me to procrastinate, hunched over my laptop looking for photos of people in cloaks (for my 'Cloaks' Board) instead of tidying my room or organising my life.

I'm supposed to be tidying it right now, as Kayt is coming round soon to make fajitas and watch Geordie Shore. I hope she knows that when I said I had the ingredients to make fajitas, I meant some chicken and an onion. Maybe I should text her now and ask her to bring the rest of the stuff...

Anyway! I have some news to tell you. First of all, do you remember the person I mentioned at the restaurant? (Don't forget, now we have to be super sneaky because we don't know who's watching us.. I kind of sound like Gollum when he's talking to his precious ring and stroking it... also I do this a lot with my eyebrows. Perhaps I am Gollum and everybody is too embarrassed to tell me?)

Well on Saturday night a few of us were drinking by the river- that's right, the weather is finally nice enough to do river drinking- and Olivia said:

"Why don't you just text him and ask him out for a drink? Ask your boss for his number."

I hadn't had a lot to drink by this point, so I can't really explain my behaviour, maybe it was the heat... in any case, I decided to Just Do It, so I texted my boss and asked her for his number. She didn't reply for ages, but then while we were in a restaurant using the toilet facilities, I got a message from her, with the number I asked for.

'Ok, why not.' I thought.

Olivia helped me write a message in French, along the lines of:

Hi, it's LBM, this weekend it's my birthday. Do you want to go for a drink on Friday, if you're free? And on Saturday me and my friends are going out. x

I pressed 'send' and about ten minutes later my phone died because the battery was dead. At least I didn't have to worry about whether or not he was going to text me back until the next day.

That night we got far too drunk, moving from the river to various bars around St Michel, also there was a very unnecessary amount of money spent in McDonald's, if I remember rightly.

I stayed at Olivia's and the next day we just slobbed around, moaning because we were hungry but were too lazy to go out and get any food. Eventually we dragged ourselves outside at about 4pm and found a sushi restaurant that was still open. We also found a sunny terrace and had a beer, to try and pacify the hangover. It worked actually and we felt well enough to trek all the way to my place, so I could pick up my phone charger. We also got crumpets, cake and Percy Pigs from Marks and Spencers. (You can assume my 'Ibiza diet' isn't going too well.)

We got back to Olivia's and I charged up my phone. There was a text on there. It said yes. Kind of...

What it actually said was 'Sorry I'm working on Friday. And for Saturday, why not? Let's keep in touch. Good day.'

Not exactly a Keen Jean, is he?

Have I made a tit out of myself?

The problem is, on Saturday I am going to Reverie to see Seth Troxler, Maya Jane Coles and Azari and III (yesssssss, can't wait!) so I can't have a drink with him, even though that's kind of what I suggested... Oops. Also, I looked at the text again I sent today and I actually said 'on va faire la fete avec tous mes potes' which literally means 'we're going to party with all my mates'. 'We' as in me and him? Is that what I said? At first I wanted to die a little bit, but Olivia assured me that in French it's normal to use 'on' and that it won't sound as if I'm commanding him to come out with me and my friends.

I'm thinking maybe I should organise pre-drinks before we go and see Seth Troxler et al, for people who aren't coming to Reverie. But who can I invite? I only know about five people in Paris and most of them are coming to Reverie.

Also, me and Olivia got really excited over the weekend, planning our outfits and hair- we want to wear flowers in our hair and we want to do glittery eye make-up, using sequins and feathers. I can't invite him for a drink and then show up looking like a podium dancer, can I?

Hmmm. I told the English boy at work, to see if I could get some male perspective on the situation. He made me feel a lot better about the whole thing by saying:

"To be honest he's probably feeling embarrassed for you, because he knows you like him and he's not interested."

Did I say better? I meant a thousand times worse.

Anyway, I know I'm over-thinking this a lot, considering that nothing has actually happened whatsoever, but I have ANOTHER piece of news:

This morning I woke up.


I have a coldsore.

I've not had one for over a year, I fucking knew I would get one right before my birthday. It's disgusting, I feel like cancelling the whole weekend.

So. I know I still have a lot to catch up on (how did I eventually find my brother, what happened when Jen came to stay, why did I decide to stay in Paris for another year etc) but for now I'll just show you a pretty picture that I found on Pinterest (via Olivia, she gets very mad when I don't give her full credit for things in my blog) and am using as my inspiration for Saturday night.

Image from: Manhattan Maedchen.


  1. Maybe you could cover up your coldsore with some sequins, then no one will know!

    1. An excellent plan, I do like a good sequined lip.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I LOVE Pinterest too. I have a link to follow me on there on my own blog. It's mostly boards with cute animal pics, sarcastic ecards, and some vegetarian/dessert-type recipes I'll never make, but dammit pinning is so fun and addicting!

    I second the sequins over the coldsore. Coldsores happen. Life goes on. Have a fun birthday weekend!!

    (That deleted comment was mine. I made a horrendous grammatical mistake in the comment and couldn't live with myself.)

    1. I am now following your Pinterest boards. God I feel like such a social networking/internet geek but one must keep up with the times I suppose!

  4. Was this guy English or French? I don't like the sound of the "Why not" but if he's French, he gets a pass...they love that damn pourquoi pas? I used to get offended at first because in English (at least in American English) it sounds like indifference.

    Have fun though! Nothing like a summer crush! : )

    1. It does sound indifferent and kind of rude in English, doesn't it? He's French though so hopefully he didn't mean it in a rude way, although... might have to forget the whole 'summer crush' thing as so far no text and no plan to give him even if he does text back. How do you do it? How do you 'date' in Paris, I can't even organise one casual drink!

    2. Hahaha, I don't know. I've had some pretty bad luck in Paris and have went out with some major creeps! Dating is weird there, but not as weird as it is in NYC!!