Monday, 30 July 2012

Be British, Go to Britain

There is so much that I've been meaning to blog about, I don't know where to start. I think tomorrow I will do a 'Loose Ends' post like I did last year, to tie everything up before my month away. I am so excited, but as always, I don't quite believe it's happening. I can't believe I'll be in England in two days- it seems too good to be true.

I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday night and it was the BEST THING I have ever seen, ever. And I don' t mean it is the best thing on TV I have ever seen, I mean it was literally the best THING, ever ever ever. At first I didn't even want to watch it, they were showing it at the resto and I knew a few people would be there, but I didn't really feel like going. In my head I was imagining Take That and some fireworks, plus lots of people in tracksuits. I completely forgot that the Opening Ceremony is always a huge spectacle. I'm so out of the loop, I didn't even know that Danny Boyle had anything to do with it.

By the time my au pair job finished, I was actually feeling quite excited about the Ceremony and I went straight to the resto from work so I could get a good seat. When it got to the countdown, we all counted along. There was a table of French LADs next to ours and they were kind of laughing at us, they really didn't get it at all, especially when we finished counting down and it cut to a shot of a river... awkward.

As soon as it started I felt emotional and, as I kept whispering to everyone, I knew I was Entertained, in the true sense of the word. It was just... so entertaining. Every single thing was interesting, moving, impressive... I don't know if it's just because I'm feeling pretty homesick at the moment I loved every single second of it. The factory workers coming out of the tree like ants out of an anthill, the liquid steel running into five rings and the rings rising into the night sky and sparking above the stadium... the West Indian migrants arriving...

The Suffragettes, the Beatles, the NHS...

I screamed when I saw JK Rowling...

Noel Fielding as the Childcatcher...

The Queen acting on film! The helicopter! The parachuters!

The children dancing on their hospital beds... the punks pogo-ing, the moments from TV and Film history, Trainspotting, Coronation Street, Kez... Dizzee Rascal, rave paint...

Music, history, humour, being multicultural, literature... That is Britain.

It was amazing. I have no idea how they even began to organise it all.

I can't FUCKING wait to go to England in two weeks. I've not been home for months and months, I think I might get to London and explode with excitement and happiness.

At first I was going to go straight to Manchester because I couldn't afford to stay in London for five days until Eastern Electrics on Saturday, but Lauren, Claire and Jen have just moved to London and so they won't be able to get back up North. It's my only chance to see them and I caaaan't wait!!!

Obviously I can't wait to see my family either, then there's Ibiza to get excited about!

Last week I sent Ricky a message asking him if he knew anyone who wanted to go to Ibiza in my place, because I really couldn't afford it- the club entries alone for the whole week are going to be two hundred and ninety euros!!! I told Ricky not to tell anyone but obviously he told Kat and Kat sent me a Voice Note on What's App telling me off. She pointed out that I don't have to go on the nights out and she's right of course- I've already got my flights and paid for the accommodation, it would be stupid to throw all that money away. It will be nice to just be on holiday, sunbathing and reading by the pool (I won't be getting in it, unless arm bands come into fashion in the next two weeks) and I go and see the DJs I really, really want to see and then just chill out for the rest of the time.

I can't wait to go home, I CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Really love your past few blogs :)

    I have a question for you.. a few blogs ago you wrote about your bank in you have an account in the UK that you transfer money to or from? I'm coming from the US and still have a few things to pay off over here.. so I'm looking for the best option to transfer or wire funds. Is there anything you recommend?

    1. Hi Chloe,

      I'm American. Bank of America and BNP Paribus have an agreement , so transferring is easier between those banks. I won't say that BNP Paribus is great , though. And I certainly hate BOA. From my past experience with Citibank, however, they were clueless with knowing how to transfer between domestic and international accounts. My mom literally had to take my rent money out of my Citi account, and take it to another bank who knew how to do int'l transfers!

    2. Chloe, I think the commenter above can answer your question a lot better than I can. I'm also with BNP Paribas, and it's easy for me to transfer money to my account in England, but for most other banks in England there's a huge charge and it takes ages, I got lucky that my bank in England works well with BNP Paribas. It's something to do with what company your bank uses for international transfers, check before you come and ask them what banks in France use the same company/system. Hope this helps!

    3. Thanks for not getting visibly annoyed with me answering a question directed to you! Cheers! - AW

    4. Don't be silly why would I be annoyed? Thanks for helping out!

  2. I loved the ceremony too, after thinking it would be twee and rubbish - I'm not patriotic but I got a bit teary-eyed! It was really good.

    1. I know normally I roll my eyes at anything 'patriotic' but it wasn't good because it was British- it was just really, really good! Thanks for commenting, thanks for reading x