Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tears in the Rain

Just remembered another moment from when Amy came to visit:

We were all sat in Georgie's and Georgie was doing her Osho Zen Tarot Cards for us and it was hammering with rain outside. I was sat on her windowsill, with my head leaning out into the night, black rain falling down onto slick pavements and beyond, higher than any of the apartment buildings on Georgie's street, there was La Defense rising from the dark and it felt so futuristic, it really reminded me of something but I couldn't think what...

"Blade Runner." Georgie said.

And that was it: for weeks now we've been having these insane thunder storms and it will rain and rain nonstop all through the night, and I'll stand on my bed and look out at the tops of buildings, and listen to the rain as it hammers on the roofs and drips down the gutters... and I'll see the light from the Eiffel Tower, coming round to me then disappearing again, flashing on and off like searchlights in a futuristic city, scanning the empty streets for citizens sneaking out after the government-imposed curfew.

That's what I love about cities, you can be anywhere and you can be anyone. More so when it's raining, somehow.

I don't know why it's been raining so much recently, I'm sure the weather wasn't like this last year. (Actually, just searched my blog for 'rain' and I found a post from last June, and it was indeed raining. Here's the post.)

Yesterday I fell asleep at 4pm (my Wednesday nap has become like a horrible illness that I can't fight off) and when I awoke two hours later, there was rain spraying onto my bed from my open window and then there was the deepest, angriest roll of thunder I've ever heard. I lay in bed, listening to the storm, cursing myself for not jumping out of bed and being productive.

Olivia rang me five times and on the fifth time, I picked up. I knew what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to go to Chez Gladines with her and Kayt and I couldn't afford it. I knew if I answered the phone I'd end up going. We all had the duck in Roquefort sauce, like we always do, and then we went to another bar round the corner for gin. The waiters took a dislike to us for some reason, bitching about us in French because I sat down at an empty table and they were saving it for their friends, apparently.

As if you're allowed to do that!

After that bar (Sputnik, it was called) we got the metro home but somehow me and Kayt ended up running from our metro platform to Olivia's, panicked at the thought of going home and the night being over. We went to Pause Cafe for one more drink and then we all stayed at Olivia's.

I promised myself I'd stop drinking.

I'm actually skint at the moment, but I can't stop spending money. On Sunday night we went to the cinema to see Prometheus- I'm still a little bit terrified. Aliens are real, aren't they? And one day they're going to come and do horrible things to us- and before the film we had dinner in this cute restaurant near √Čtienne Marcel, I can't remember what it was called but instead of a complimentary mint with the bill, you get a huge jar of sweets that you can help yourself to.

On Tuesday I forgot my Navigo, so had to buy metro tickets all day, then I wandered into Marks and Spencer's and bought a packet of Percy Pigs and some blueberry and oat cookies without really knowing why, and finished them all off in about five minutes.

I'm kind of fat and skint at the minute.

And my room's a mess.

And my eyes are hurting because I've been spending too much time on my laptop.

Time to go now, I think. (Ooh, also on Friday I went to that new club Wanderlust, I'll tell you about it tomozzo.)

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  1. D: I was at Wanderlust on Friday! I wonder if I saw you :o I thought it was preeetttyyy shit tbh. Maybe it would have been better if it wasn't raining all the frigging time. And if I hadn't been stone-cold sober.