Friday, 15 June 2012

Good Morning, Fresh Hell.

Fucking hell.

Just got a text from my French bank to tell me I am 43 euros overdrawn, with 23 euros still to come out of my account. How the hell has this happened?

Shit shit shit.

Last night I was reading some of my old blog posts (terribly egotistical of me, I know) and I found one where I'd just got the restaurant job and I said:

I hardly dare to say it for fear of jinxing myself, but if this pub job works out well, I will be able to pay off my overdraft and credit card within a few months, plus I might finally learn how to speak French!

What a fucking self-deluded idiot I am. Eight months later and I am as skint as ever and I still can't speak French. It just goes to show how terrifyingly great and all-conquering the power of Jinxing is.

I'm panicking a little bit now. A lot, actually. I need 1000 euros to take to England, realistically (800 euros of that will be for Ibiza) and I also owe a couple of people money... plus my little brother is coming to stay with me next week and he's a poor student, so I was planning on paying for him when we went out... plus there is my birthday, which I have already decreed will be a huge, hedonistic weekend of celebrations... The Birthday Monster is stirring...

And I need make-up. I need shoes. I need to cut my hair and have a wax.

I just thought I would share all this information with you, because they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Funnily enough my debt has not halved itself since I started writing this blog post.

Bright spot on the horizon- I finally paid my credit card off! So that is one less thing to worry about, I suppose.

Plus next week I am finally getting paid for the drama teaching thing. I don't know how much it will be, originally we said 700 euros but that was when I was going to teach all the lessons by myself... As I've been teaching with the two French actresses, should I assume I'm going to get 350 euros instead? Or will it be less?

Oh fuck. Why do I do this to myself?

How the hell am I going to survive next year without the restaurant job?

On the plus side, it's 10.20 am and I'm out of bed! For once I'm going to be early for work!


  1. Hi, I'm going to be an au pair starting end of August (in Toulouse, not Paris) so started reading your blog to prepare myself!
    I started right back at the beginning and it's so funny that I couldn't stop reading it.
    I decided to keep my own blog whilst au pairing and have started it already but since I am still in England I have nothing to write on it so instead posted a link to yours. This won't get you many more readers though sorry as I'm pretty sure no one has ever read mine!
    But well done in such a good blog- it's stopping me revising for A levels (it's not really the blog's fault, I wouldn't be revising anyway!)
    I was really looking forward to reading about when you went on holiday with the 2nd family though but couldn't find the post! Did you not blog about it in the end or am I not being a very good stalker?

    1. Hey, I'm so glad you like my blog and are reading my old posts! Do you know what? I never got time to blog about my holiday with the second family, but it was quite eventful and I keep telling myself one day I will blog about it! When I do I will definitely post a link to it on your blog, good luck with being an au pair and good luck with your blog, I will start reading it once you move to Toulouse and start your adventures! x

  2. Oh girl, I've so been there. I'm sort of there now! It's scary not having cash and a job, especially when you're in dire need of a proper wax. I get it.

    Just hang in there! And don't worry too much about the French, it's only been 8 months! My French was pure shit at 8 months. I'm cringe when I look back...!!

    Bon w-e.

    1. Thanks for the moral support, but unfortunately I've been in France now for more than 18 months, not 8... I've had the resto job for 8 months but I moved to Paris in September 2010, kind of embarrassing how shot my French is considering I've almost been here for two years now!

  3. I'll wax ye.

  4. I feel your money pain! I'm totally living on broke. It is the worst! I'm sure you will get through! (it's just never fast enough, right) I wouldn't mind never repeating having that awful feeling that occurs when you look at your account and the numbers are negative

    1. Ahh will we ever learn?? I think not. I get my tips from the resto this week hopefully!! Don't know where the hell my money has gone!

  5. Hey! I just spent ages reading all your old posts and your blog is hilarious! I'm still laughing from the time you tried to squeeze past the dad! You should definitely do something with writing in the future. I'm thinking about au pairing to put off getting a proper job now I've graduated but your blog actually made me a bit unsure with the mean kids and not learning that much french. You never mentioned whether the restaurant job got much better? It sounds like you had loads of fun but I wondered whether you think the pros, living in Paris and learning french, outweigh the cons, not actually learning that much french, hardly having any money, weird families? Sorry for the long comment, I guess what I'm asking is, would you recommend the experience? Thanks, xx.

    P.S. Your 'thinking of being an au pair' section is really helpful. Especially the myth vs reality. AKA me thinking I'll be Marry Poppins but french....

    1. Pffft I can't really tell you whether being an au pair is worth it or not, that's something you can only decide after you've done it, and I guess by then it's too late if you think it was shit haha. For me the pros outweigh the cons, otherwise I wouldn't have done it for so long, and the resto job got better, I guess I need to do a post on that and update everyone.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! x