Thursday, 24 May 2012


It's finally summer!

Last week it rained nearly every day and there were thunderstorms, but the past two days have been so hot and sunny; yesterday I got sunburnt in the park, reading my book while the little girl had her ballet class. It's finally hot enough to spend every evening sat by the river, drinking cheap wine and eating crisps. (We're the only ones ever eating crisps. Real Parisiens might sit by the river and drink, but they don't snack.) I was supposed to be meeting the girls by the river after work but I flaked out- I've been really hungover all day and I still feel a bit rough.

Yep, after swearing that I would never, ever go to work hungover ever again, I got really drunk last night for No Reason with this Welsh girl from work. I may or may not have come home and Tweeted the actor who plays Malakai in Save the Last Dance* something about still thinking he was the sexist man alive and if he was ever in Paris to look me up... or something. I also may or may not have ended the Tweet with 'yo'.

Don't bother looking for it because I deleted it as soon as I woke up this morning, and all the awful antics of last night came flooding back to me like a wave of vomit. Ergh.

I really, really want to stop drinking. My bank texted me the other day to tell me that I had MINUS twenty two euros in my bank account- the last time I checked I had over 700 euros in there. I feel physically ill thinking about all the money I've spent in the last two weeks. BUT. Lauren and Amy were here, so... so... I'm struggling to think of a justification. Hold on. I'll just make a cup of tea and see if that helps my brain work any better. I think I might be too hungover to write a blog post...

Ha! I know! Amy and Lauren were only here for a short while, so I had to make the most of our time together and throw caution to the wind- live life to the full and forget all thoughts of Budgeting and Saving Up. I don't regret spending all my money because I had a LOVELY time.

Also, I booked my flights to Ibiza!!! Finally! So yeah, most of the money went on flights and clothes, I didn't fritter it all away on gin and steak.

Me and Lauren went on huge shopping binges and I haven't bought clothes for agessss so I don't feel too guilty. Plus, I bought really useful items that I can wear every day with anything, like high-waisted purple African-print trousers, a full-length, ballet pink silk skirt from Zara and white cotton shorts. Hmm. When I put it like that, they sound like such practical purchases...

The two days Lauren was here were really hot and sunny- on the Monday we wandered around the shops on Rue de Rivoli because Lauren needs a new wardrobe for her new high-flying job at a very famous publishers in London. We went for lunch and got a little bit tipsy after half a pint of beer and then went into an Orange shop to sort my phone out... Even though I'm on contract, if I use up all my free minutes my unlimited free text messages stop as well, but they sent me a message to say that I could reinstate the free messages if I topped up eight euros... Lies.

Everything in France is so COMPLICATED- they just won't let me get into debt as easily as I'd like. My card gets blocked if I go overdrawn, I can't text or call anyone if I use up all my free minutes... Let me run into excessive debt, people! Let me get ridiculously overdrawn and charge me disgusting amounts of interest! Let me keep using my phone, unaware that I've used up all my free minutes, running up huge phone bills! Let me be me!

In the message was a number to call to top up and I called it over TWENTY TIMES and still couldn't work out how to top up eight euros. Lauren tried for me as well so it wasn't just my bad French, it was IMPOSSIBLE to top up eight euros. In the end I decided to go into an Orange shop, give them my phone and say 'Top my phone up eight euros please'.

Anyway, me and the guy in the phone shop had a very frustrating conversation that went something like this:

Top my phone up eight euros please.
That's impossible.
But this message said I can, look.
I don't know anything about that.
But I've used up my free minutes and now I can't text anyone, it says if I top up eight euros it will reinstate the free texts.
If you've used up all your free minutes that's it, you've used them all up. (At this point he looked at me like I was telling him I'd destroyed my liver with drink and was casually asking him to give me his.)
Yes I know. But. THIS MESSAGE says if I top my phone up with eight euros it will work again.
That's impossible.
I don't know anything about that...

Repeat entire conversation twelve times.

In the end Lauren threw her hands in the air and said 'Ca, c'est la France!' and we flounced out to do more shopping. Prick. He was telling me off like I'd never had a mobile phone before.There was nobody in the shop asides from us and two policemen, who stood listening to the whole conversation as if any minute I was about to violently assault Phone Man. Idiot. He must get really bored, standing in an empty shop all day, waiting for customers so he can REFUSE to help them. It was good for my French though.

Asides from shopping and eating... No that's it, that's all we did while Lauren was here. We went to Chez Gladines on the Monday night and on Tuesday night we went to Point Ephémère by the canal for a couple of drinks. I'd forgotten all about that place but I definitely have to start going again.  There's always something going on there- when we went there was a music photography exhibition on and a gig- and the drinks are cheap (for Paris.).

Every day that Lauren was here we got up early and had breakfast together. When Wednesday morning rolled around I felt really, really sad. We said goodbye and it felt like I was saying goodbye to London as well, to my possible life in London, to the life in London I've been dreaming about for nearly two years. It was then that I realised I had already made the decision to stay in Paris for another year.

Left Bank Manc ain't going nowhere kids.

It's funny because I feel a bit sad, but I know it's the right decision. More on this another time, right now I really have to go, the heat from the laptop is making my Sudocrem melt off. (Olivia bought me some back from London and I've been smothering my face in it every night. I fucking LOVE Sudocrem.)

My room is so hot, it's like being on holiday when you can't sleep and you just lie on top of white sheets, feeling restless.

Oh by the way, let me just explain my post from the other day, my entry to the English National Opera's Mini Operas competition. To enter you had to post the entry on your blog and send them the link and now they've put all the entries on their website. You can read them here. (I've spent hours reading them all, it's amazing how differently everyone has responded to the seed stories!) At first I panicked because my entry wasn't there and I thought I hadn't submitted it properly, so I Tweeted them and they said they were still in the process of putting them all up. Then whoever is doing their Twitter account put my entry up straight away, making it the very first one, how lovely is that? And amazingly, they didn't put my name on my entry- I don't know if it was an accident, or if the person doing the Twitter account worked out I was an anonymous blogger. Imagine if they did?

Anyway, off I go to lie restlessly on top of my bed. I'm going to do more blogging tomorrow. I don't want to spoil the surprise but I can't resist any longer- the present Amy brought for me was...


I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow, in summer mode though because she's made it reversible as a floor-length, black velvet cloak isn't suitable for all weathers.

*Me and Kayt watched it the other night, I'd forgotten how much I love it and also how shit Julia Stiles is. I've just been looking for photos of Malakai on Google Images and he's actually not fit at all, I just love him in the film though so he's so scary and angry. Grrrr. Also the moment when Sarah and Derek are about to have sex for the first time and she says 'My dad will be gone all night.' or something equally cringe, and then she goes to walk away and he grabs her by the arm and they look at each other and they both know... they KNOW! I might watch that moment again later...


  1. Arrrgh yeah I switched to Free a couple of months ago which is awesomely cheap but they have stopped taking my money in order to text overseas and now it's just "interdit" with my forfait, and I rang up and had a (polite, cos I've worked in call centres before) argument with someone about why they were no longer willing to take more money off me to allow me to text overseas numbers if I want, which clearly I DO and they were just all "mehnamehnameh". Anyway, I'm drunk, so I'm going to stop ranting on your blog. Cloak = yay, awesome! Glad you're staying for another year!

    1. Yes it's so annoying! Have you got a smart phone? Because then you can get Whats App, if you don't already know what it is it's like MSN messenger for phones and it's free, so I use to message people back in England or wherever they are in the world. Thanks for the comment, always nice to see other people are drunk and abusing the internet!

    2. No, not cool enough for a smart phone :(

  2. Salut! Looking forward to seeing a picture of the cloak! Check this out on Sunday if you have a chance!
    The Commenter x

    1. Thanks! I think I went to this last year, never found out the name though, I only went once but it was brilliant!

  3. I am so so glad you're staying in Paris next year. I feel like my life has taken a definite downturn in interest/ purpose since the end of my fantastic year of penury and thrice weekly visits to the Louvre. I thought that a double pre-university gap year would make me really motivated and successful at top london university, and yet here i am at the end of May, searching au-pair world.

    1. Thanks, I'm actually feeling sad about staying in Paris now because I'm missing home a lot, but I think if I actually moved back to England now I would really miss Paris and regret leaving! Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading x

    2. Yeah, just looked at photos, it definitely is the thing I went to last year, thanks so much for sending me the link, I've been trying to find it on the internet for ages!

  4. Do you have Orange? They're bastards....

    1. Yes! So unhelpful. Especially in France!