Monday, 21 May 2012

My Entry for the ENO Mini Operas Competition

 No Prince Tonight

                        I live in the tallest tower
Of a castle made of flowers
And I wile away the hours
Waiting for him

 The air is happiness
She is a princess
And I am watching her
The girl I watch is me

This place is very strange
And yet I know it
It seems familiar
Or is it new to me?

The shadow of a dragon
Passes over fields
The curtains flutter
And the floor is sand
The horizon changes
I see a shape
The shape of a man
My Prince is coming
I can see my heart
Beneath my dress
Such loveliness
The tower is on a level with the ground
And the dragon and the sun are spinning round
And round
He comes
He’s there
I can hear my prince at last
Running up the stairs

Sorry love, no Prince tonight
This can’t be right
                                                                                                 I’ll shed some light
                                                                                                 Your dreams are dust
 It’s me who must
 Clean up all this mess
But I’m a princess!
                        My Prince is coming!
                        I live in a tower made of flowers!
That’s nice. Mind out
What is this about?        
No need to shout.
You’ve swept the skies to darkness
                         And where’s that feeling gone?
                         The world around me fades to...


 This is your warning.
                         Get out, take your sweeping brush
                         Go away and leave me to my dreaming

                                                                                                 I get your meaning.        
                                                                                                 And if you’re sure
                                                             I shan’t be coming sweeping      
                                                                         up your mind no more

Leave me alone 
                 I mean it
                                                                                                    So do I
                       Then go away, sweeper

Now I can feel reality
The cold world comes rushing
Over me like water
It washes me clean
Of the night time’s dreams
And yet
I’m waiting for something
The horizon changes
I can see my heart
This place is very strange
And yet I know it
                                How are you today?
It seems familiar
Or is it new to me?
                                                                                                                                Did you sleep at all?
Although the window’s small
I see beyond the castle walls
There’s a shadow of a dragon
Passing over fields
The air was happiness
You swept the skies to darkness
And I am watching her
                        Or is she watching me?
                        What is that shape I see?
                        I feel reality
                        Like a mist upon my skin
                        And still I wait for him
                        He might return one day
To sweep the dreams away.


  1. This is so beautiful, i love it.

    1. Thank you!

      To enter the competition, you had to choose one of three 'seed stories' for your inspiration, I chose The Sweeper of Dreams by Neil Gaiman:

  2. Not just a pretty face...

    1. You're right, this comment DOES make you sound like a pervy uncle or something, thanks all the same... x

  3. Wonderful imagery!I liked the story you made of it

    1. Thank you! I never enter competitions but there's no harm in it, right?