Monday, 2 April 2012

Teeth and Kate Tempest

Uh-oh. My Blackberry just reminded me that I have a dentist appointment in ten minutes. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get there so I suppose if I left right now I wouldn't be too late...


I really can't be arsed.

I had a weird feeling there was something important I had to do. I even remembered earlier, while I was working in the restaurant, that I'd made another dentist's appointment and was idly wondering which day it was... Shame I didn't put the two thoughts together. Idiot.

Yeah... I'm definitely not going. I don't really understand why I have to have another appointment anyway. She's filled in the root with a weird white thing and sealed the tooth. Kayt couldn't go with me to my last appointment and I thought it would be the last one, but when she'd finished the dentist said something about next time moving the top of the tooth or something... What? Sorry? You want to do more horrendous things to my tooth? Ok. I just nodded and paid her.

She kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to pay her all in one go, making me think that there must be a lot more work to be done... Like what though? I know I need a crown, but that is a whole different thing- she gave me an invoice for that and it's going to be 820 euros. That's for a ceramic crown though-; if I have a metal crown it will be a bit cheaper and I might also look like a pirate.

I don't know... a metal molar could look pretty bad ass and would also add to my super hero persona when I get my cloak (See Cloak Girl with her tooth of steel!), but what if people can feel it when they are kissing me? What if someone runs their tongue around the inside of my mouth and tastes that I have a metal tooth? Is this possible? It's been so long, I've forgotten what kissing is even like. If I ever get the chance to do it again I'll probably just place my open mouth on the end of their nose and move my head from side to side. No, I won't.

Oh I'm worried I will now.

Five minutes later

Just rang the dentist. I put a YouTube video of 'Restaurant background noise' on in the background and told her I had to stay at work all afternoon. She sounded relieved but still made me another appointment, the only time she could fit me in is Thursday morning, so I'll have to tell the restaurant and they'll be pissed off. Oh for fuck's sake... do I really need another appointment?? Why is she just dragging out the process, I HATE going to the dentist's. My tooth doesn't hurt anymore. Can't we just let it go now?

Oooh I have exciting news!! This morning I received my monthly newsletter from Shakespeare and Company (even though I never go to anything because I'm always working) and Kate Tempest is performing on the 16th April!!!

Georgie introduced her to me a few weeks ago and ever since I've been listening to her poetry in place of all the music I lost. This is quite an old video but if you don't know who Kate Tempest is, you need to watch it:

I really, really, REALLY hope the 16th April is school holidays as then there might be a chance I won't be at my au pair job...

Do you know what? I was going to write a really long blog post about the weekend- we tried some new places and got abused on the metro by an old couple wearing matching double denim- but I think I'll have a quick nap before my au pair job.

I'll be back later...


  1. Haha background noises : brilliant ! Regarding Kate Tempest, I never heard of her, didn't get all of it but wow I'm mesmerized by the music of the words and her voice and presence ! See you this weekend, and be brave with dentist, the truth is they're afraid of you ; ) Bisous

    1. Why is your English so good???? You make me a little bit sick, Julia. Thanks for commenting!! Defo see you this weekend for magic times! xx

    2. Thank you so much, you're too nice with my english ! But when I talk the words are fighting with my tongue and my mouth...and it's not beautiful to see ! We should spend afternoons talking in french and eating pastries, I'd really enjoy that ! Bisous (can't wait to hairspray my mind !)

    3. Yes, let's start talking in french.Kayt

  2. Haha this is too funny, especially the restaurant noises bit. Oh goodness, thank you for the chuckle today :)

    1. You're welcome Katie, thanks for commenting and thanks for reading! x