Saturday, 31 March 2012

Red Dress

Right this is a blog that I started writing last week and didn't have time to finish it so, just to give Laura something else to read, here it is:

I'm really in the mood to blog but don't really have anything to tell you about. All I do is work and look at myself in the mirror these days. Remember when I used to jump on tour buses and go to Eastern European countries for weddings with gypsy trumpeters?

Ok... so I only did both of those things once. But the point is, I did them... the most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend was... well. I bought this red dress on Saturday afternoon, that was a Vague Thrill* I suppose: 

I also bought a blue top but I won't show you that because it's horrible. I did that thing where you don't even consciously decide to go shopping, but your wardrobe situation gets so dire that you suddenly fall into a dangerous Consumerist Trance- one minute you're heading for home, thinking about how many cups of tea you can squeeze in before it's time for work again, and the next minute you suddenly find yourself handing over your debit card in H&M, feeling stunned and slightly sick and wondering what the hell is in the bulging shopping bag that's being passed over to you...

Don't worry, I didn't go mad. The dress was only fifteen euros and the top was a bit less. It's just that I haven't bought any clothes for ages and ages (honestly) and my room is such a disgusting, chaotic mess that I've got all my clean clothes mixed up with my dirty clothes AND everything's all creased up anyway because I don't have an iron AND loads of my clothes are unwearable because they're either so old that they have holes in or they have tea stains on them... (A few weeks ago I put all my dirty washing in a plastic bag and then proceeded to throw used tea bags in it because I thought it was my bin... by the time I realised what I'd done there were Tea Stains Aplenty.)

The H&M on the Champs-Élysées  is so shit at the moment, but I don't have time to go shopping anywhere else really. I love the red dress though.

Oh I wish I had something more exciting to tel you about! I've been drinking a lot recently, but not really having any 'big nights' out. The weekend before last, me Olivia and Julia went to the mojito bar in the Marais and one of the mojitos tasted like the hot towels you get at the end of your meal in a Chinese restaurant.

*Vague Thrill sounds like the name of a pretentious 'musical collaboration group'... 'Vague Thrill provide an exhilarating mix of post-Brit pop irony, Parisian minimal techno and Estonian hip hop, delivered with an innovative synthesiser technique and occassionally garnished with electronic glockenspiel, all topped off with a pair of those glasses for people that don't actually wear glasses.' Vice UK, March, 2012


  1. I really think you should compile what you have in this blog and make a book cause you're so funny. I think you've made me pee myself before. And I mean that in a non-dominant, creepy way.

  2. Thank youuuu!! I would love to make my blog into a book, only problem is, I would have to publish it myself on toilet roll, probably. Oh well, at least I made you pee yourself! Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading! x