Friday, 3 February 2012

Quick quick

I stayed at Kayt's last night, so I'm using the opportunity to write a blog post. Well, I'll have to leave for work in a minute, don't know if I'll actually have time. Eeeee it's so annoying not having my laptop! I don't really have anything say, just missed having my blog there, in case I do think of anything interesting to say...

This week the eight year old has been ill and she wanted me to stick a thermometer up her bum. She chased me round with it for about half an hour, but there are some things I am not comfortable with and one of them is inserting something cold and pointy into a child. In the end she did it herself, using the mirror as a guide, but I did tell her she can put it under her armpit and add two degrees to the temperature. She gave the armpit a go, but wasn't convinced. Apparently Bum is Best when it comes to France and matters of medicine. Remember last year when the mum of my last au pair family also wanted me to stick a thermometer up her children's rear end? They did it themselves by lying on the couch, on their backs.


Anyway, my au pair job has been going ok. On Tuesday night I chased the eight year old round the house for obver an hour, trying to get her in the bath before her mum came home. I finally managed to get her in the bathroom, but she made a big fuss of bringing the iPad in and 'checking her emails'. She had one email, from me, that I'd sent her earlier on in the day. She opened it and it said in big letters:


Ha! She looked at me in amazement. I knew she wouldn't get in the fucking bath, so I'd sent it her at lunchtime, knowing she would check it around bathtime. It really freaked her out.

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend, I've agreed to go to about four different things with various groups of people, Facebook doesn't work properly on my phone so I keep saying 'yes' to things. Inevitably I'll end up so hassled and indecisive that I'll spend the entire weekend on my own, drinking tea and brooding over my lack of laptop.

Options are:

Miss Kittin at Rex Club

Julio Basmore at Social Club

There's also a night at Nouveau Casino that Georgie wants to go to.

Plus Kayt has her best mates from Newcastle over, who I've met before and they are really lovely, bu they don't really like 'DJ music', so they'll be going out for general Drinks and Merriment.

Then on Saturday Julia says there is a 'free party' in a disused train stations somewhere on the outskirts of Paris, plus Angélique is hosting an after-party on Sunday morning called Concrete, but I guess as I'm working at 11am, probably can't go to an after-party that starts at 7am. As for the actual party, Angélique says either Rex Club or (the anti-) Social Club.

Pffft. I'm no good at organising my own social timetable. Why can't ONE person invite me to ONE good thing, ONCE a week? I've not really been going out lately, can't be bothered somehow, it's so fucking cold and however much make-up I put on, lately I just look Shit, all the time. However, there's a couple things on this month that I wouldn't mind venturing out for:

10 Fevrier
Fake Blood at Showcase

I've been to Showcase once, when Anna's boss got us a table in the VIP section and someone stole my jacket. They're really arsey on the door and have a strict dress code.

17 Fevrier
Joy Orbison at Social Club

I am definitely going to this, even though I hate Social Club- the tiny 'big' club where bouncers treat you like a criminal and you often find yourself surrounded by Massive Nobheads, posing on the dancefloor without actuallly moving to the music.

18th Fevrier
Kode 9, King Midas Sound and Ikonika at La Machine

I can't go to this, as I'm going away with the family on the 18th. No dubstep for me... I'll be stuck up a French mountain somewhere, looking after the baby while the family jets past me in their designer ski wear... This is the last time I saw Ikonika in Paris:

Shit, going to be extremely late. Bye for now!


  1. Ha ha that was an awesome mind-control trick. And 8-year olds have ipads and emails now? I'm out of touch...

    1. Yeah the baby uses it to watch videos on YouTube!! Bizare... Thanks for commenting!

  2. I remember falling sick one weekend while staying with my parents-in-law and husband in the north of France. Hubs was all worried (he IS a certified hypochondriac after all) and wanted to take my temperature. I said OK before realizing he meant using the family thermometre and placing it where no thermometre has business being. He seemed totally nonchalant about the whole thing and even offered to do it for me. I politely declined and decided that I'd rather die of a 105° fever right then and there than have my husband stick a thermometre up my bum.

    1. I'm glad you stood your ground... there's absolutely no need to take your temperature like that. EUW.