Thursday, 9 February 2012

I Dreamed A Dream

Just listening to 'Memories' and grieving for the fabulous theatre career I never had. 

Last night I went to the theatre for the first time since I've arrived in Paris. I really enjoyed it but sitting there in the dark, in a theatre space that was remarkably like the one we had at uni... the whole thing made me feel a bit sad. I felt sad, nostalgic and confused, as it was all in French, obviousment. Added to the language barrier wad the fact it was a Brechtian (not Brecht) play, so just as I thought understood the language, a woman dressed as a baby would roll in on a trolley, or the glass bottle that The Drunkard was carrying would suddenly have a little hat and a cloak on it, and a fake nose for a face. It was mad, but I thought the actors were brilliant. They used Commedia dell'arte-style masks to distinguish between characters and the acting was very physical, almost like clowning sometimes.

We went to the play because one of the actors I teach the drama classes with is in it. She's really lovely, every time we teach the class together we go for a coffee afterwards and she chats to me in French, telling me to do language exchanges and take lessons and stay in Paris forever. She's given me the number of her friend actually, I need to text him. Probably won't though. This French thing is really PISSING me of now. My time in France has been a big fat fail, basically. Everyone keeps telling me I've got loads of time left to learn, but the whole thing has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Kind of like the 'drama thing'. I don't know. I don't really like talking about it.


Is my whole life going to be a series of whims and fancies I have a half-arsed attempt at chasing and then get so disheartened that I have to give up before I've even started? I'm not feeling very optimistic at the moment. When I think about next year I feel a bit sick.

Oh I'm fucking full of la joie de vivre tonight aren't I?

Wow. It's taken me an hour to write this crap. On-screen keyboards are not the way to go.

I have news to tell you as well, I'm not going away with the family anymore for February half term, I'm going to England instead!! So exciting!!!

But for now, I've had enough, I'm off kids. 

Before I go, if you would you happen to be in Pazzington at the mo and would like to go to the theatre, the play is called 'Zakouski ou la vie joyeuse' and it's on at Théâtre de l'Opprimé (78 rue du Charolais in the 12e arrondissement, metro: Gare du Lyon) until Sunday 4th March. Tickets are 16 euros or 12 euros if you're a student, unempoyed, or a resident of the 12th arrondissement. I recommend it, especially if you can actually speak French. 

So. YOU should go to the theatre. I'm going to get 'I Dreamed A Dream' up on YouTube and sing along whilst thinking Sad Thoughts and watching myself in the mirror.  

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