Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dark Days

Me and Tasmin* went shopping together yesterday. I went into Sephora to buy some shampoo and hair conditioner and came out with a Mac concealer and face powder. Turns out they don't sell hair porducts. But they were giving out free Lindt Lindor chocolates! Don't judge me, it wasn't even that much money and I really needed a new concealer because my skin has for Some Reason gone horrible all of a sudden- when I was giving the eight year old her bath on Friday, she put a hand infront of her face so she didn't have to look at my 'erghh face'. She's lucky I didn't drown her.

I don't know why it's suddenly got so bad... Unless it's all the sweets and chocolate I've been eating, and the late nights and alcohol drinking? The week that Amy was here, we worked out that we'd drank more alcoholic drinks that non-alcoholic drinks. That can't be good for my skin can it? From now on I'm going to drink lots and lots of water. I'm going to make myself 99% water, 1% Mac concealer and face powder.

I also bought some black silk trousers from H&M. Come on, I'm allowed to shop in H&M aren't I? I'm only going home for Christmas for three days. AND I'm getting the coach to London on NYE, for seven long and probably uncomfortable hours. I deserve some treats don't I?? DON'T I???

Yes, I do.

The problem is, now I need shoes to go with the trousers. They're high-waisted and really tailored all the way down, so I'll need some extremely high black ankle boots to go with them. Otherwise I'm look like a middle aged, middle class mother called Sue, who wears seriously questionable trousers that make her legs look stumpy, showcase her Massive Thighs and serve to highlight that indeterminable bulge that spreads from her belly button to her youknowwhat (her 'gunt', for the uncouth among you). But it's all right for Sue- she doesn't have to worry about unflattering trousers because she so's 'busy busy, manic, darling' with the school run, Christmas shopping, making mince pies and taking the four dogs out for walkies. What's my excuse?

I've seen some really nice ones in Naf Naf. They're 90 euros, which I know is a lot but I had my heart set on a black, tulle skirt in there and they ran out of my size. The skirt was 45 euros and seeing as I can't buy it now, that's 45 euros I can put towards the boots. So really they'll only be 45 euros. And why can't I buy myself some boots for 45 euros? After all...

I'm only going home for Christmas for three days. AND I'm getting the coach to London on NYE, for seven long and probably uncomfortable hours. I deserve some treats don't I?? DON'T I???

I feel like I'll be copying and pasting that excuse many times in the run up to Christmas...

Anyway, I need to go now, as my FUCKING LIGHT has gone and I need to make the most of the daylight in my room. Last night I had to wash my hair by the light of two candles. It was not 'romantic' and 'back-to-basics fun'- I got water everywhere and shampoo in my eye.

I was going to ask the au pair family if they had a spare bulb but they were a bit annoyed at me because I had to leave work early to go to my restaurant job, so I thought it wasn't the best time...I fucking HATE working Saturdays. They asked me to go over at half three in the afternoon, so I assumed I'd be finished by six at the latest, giving me enough time to go home and get ready before waitressing at the restaurant at 8pm, but the mum said she needed me to stay until 6.30pm and could only go after I'd washed the little girl's hair, so I ended up with half an hour to wash and dry my own hair, in the dark.

I'm so fucking annoyed at the light. I had a bedside table lamp but it broke for No Reason, so I really have no light at all, apart from in my fridge. Yesterday I propped the fridge open and got up on a chair to see what kind of bulb it is, but it's like nothing I've ever seen before. It won't unscrew and I can't pull it off, therefore I must REMAIN IN THE DARK FOREVER.

Cheers, have a good Sunday. I'm going to see Jamie Woon tonight. I hope it cheers me up. Ooh I can put my new make-up on. By the light of two candles... I'm sure it will look fab.

 *If you don't know who is Tasmin is, all I can is that you haven't been paying much attention have you?? Click here, if you want.

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