Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cos I'm Leeeeaving On a Jetplane...

... But I know when I'll be back again, Monday night. Pfftt. I keep forgetting I am only going back to England for a long weekend. There wasn't really any need to eat everything in my fridge.

Fucking hell. I have to be up at 4am. I'm so nervous!! It doesn't really feel like I'm going home, but I am! I AM!!!!

I haven't been back to England for four months. Four months! This time last year I'd already been back to the U.K twice.

Oh God. I'm terrified something is going to go wrong. I'm going to have a cup of tea and then pack, not that I've got a lot to pack... I'm basically checking in a bag full of 'Christmas presents' (sweets for my little brothers, soap for everyone else) and all I'll need in my hand-luggage is my passport and my tickets. Well, I haven't got my tickets, but I'm pretty sure I don't need them, I've printed off the email confirming my flight, this will be enough surely?

Fuck fuck fuck!! I'm so scared! What if I don't get home for Christmas???

O.k, calm... calm...

I can't think of anything sensible to say, sorry. I'm too wound up. But for a more entertaining read, why don't you re-read the travel 'adventures' I had last Christmas? Maybe then you'll understand why I'm so J-J-J-ITTTT-TTT-E-ER-ERRR-ERY!!!

Click here to read my posts from last December (I snuck off to England for the weekend without telling my boss, nearly got stranded in Calais because my Eurostar broke down and then nearly didn't make it out of London because of the snow... and that was the weekend before Christmas. Five days later I had to do it all again...)

Oh I hope this year isn't as dramatic! I've booked a taxi to the airport because the earliest bus might not get me to the airport in time and there's no way I'm risking spending Christmas alone in my Cinderella room. Although at least I would have a LOT of sweets to eat.

Right, I'm off now to pace around my room eating biscuits and panicking.
See you on the other side!

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