Friday, 30 December 2011

Coach Trip

I'm going to London tomorrow. Yey!!!!!!

On the coach. Not so yey.

I'm going to make myself a Super Packed Lunch and take lots of books. I have no idea what to wear so I'm taking everything in my wardrobe, literally. The only things I'm not taking are my leggings that have a hole in them and my bikini.

I don't know whether I should take my Horrible Coat or not.

I had my hair cut today! It was traumatic, as most things in life are. First of all I turned up on the wrong day and then today when I arrived for my actual appointment, my hairdresser introduced himself and said he didn't speak very good English. I was forseeing lots of tragic misunderstandings that would probably result in a mullet. He said 'One minute' and disappeared for THIRTY EIGHT minutes. I was left looking at myself in the mirror for almost forty minutes.

When he finally came back he said 'I am sorry for the late' then proceeded to cut me in a Betty Page fringe which anyone with one good eye will tell you, only looks good on Betty Page, or Katy Perry. Even on Katy Perry it looks a bit shit, but she knows how to cleverly divert attention away from it by sticking giant, fluoro ice-cream cones onto her bra.

It wasn't as much of a disaster as I'd feared. It was bloody awkward though. After forty minutes of staring at myself in the mirror, I couldn't take any more, so while he cut my hair I just stared at the floor. He kept stopping to ask me if I liked my hair and I had to keep fake-smiling him and saying 'Oui, j'adore!' when really I hadn't even looked at it because every time I tried to steal a glance in the mirror we made eye-contact and it was Awk. Ward.

Anyway. London tomorrow. YEY!!!
I'm going to go and make my Super Packed Lunch now. I've got a giant pack of gummi bears and six carrots.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Where is my coat picture???

    I didn't know who Betty Page was (is that bad?) so I googled her and was like "ZOMG! That hair!!" I hope your fringe doesn't look exactly like that. If it does, maybe now you'll understand why I get my hair cut in Canada and refuse to step foot in a French salon....

    Also? I can't bring myself to say "fringe" American English it's called "bangs" which sounds dirty, but "fringe" for me means those little hanging pieces of suede on a suede or leather jacket. Like what the guys in Westerns you get it?

  2. You should be a writer!
    I don't know you or anything but I've been interested in au-pairing in Paris and stumbled across your blog and you're hilarious!
    well done!

  3. Thank you anonymous, I hope I haven't put you off being an au pair in Paris... I would love to be a writer but I doubt anyone would publish me. Waitressing is a fullfilling career though, right?

  4. Ok Crystal I promise I haven't put the coat pic in my latest one, but I will put in the next blog post, honest! I think 'bangs' is such a weird name! It's not plural, it's one thing, a fringe, hanging over your forehead! Just like your 'hair' is one thing! I know what you mean about fringing on clothes though, sometime I call it 'a fringe' but mostly I add -ing on the end. And it's not as short as Betty Page, thank god, although it does seem to be shrinking daily for some reason!