Monday, 14 November 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Once my aunty called my mum up and said: "What I like about LBM* is, she doesn't feel sorry for herself."

Me and mum** took this as a huge compliment and a sure indicator that I was Well-Balanced and Adjusted, until my mum said suddenly, "What have you got to feel sorry for yourself for?"

Then we were quite offended, because now we were wondering if my aunty was in fact suggesting I was a Special Person who smiled bravely whilst struggling to cope with life using the insufficient mental capacity assigned at birth...

My point is, I never used to be a moany, whingy bitch.


Reasons To Be Cheerful:

My room is tidy!

I have booked my flights home for Christmas!

Amy is coming on Wednesday and Chloe is coming at the weekend!
(Although, I might not get to see her because she is mainly coming to see her old au pair family, i.e. my au pair family.

I have thirty followers on my blog!

I paid back Julia and I gave Amo half her money!
(Although, I ended up borrowing seventeen more euros off her and I somehow now owe Kayt fifteen euros as well.)


I am currently In Talks with myself as to whether I can make it to London for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (all the Best People know NYD is the new NYE.) Fingers, toes and fairy wings crossed.

On the downside I hacked away at my fringe on Saturday night and I now look like someone who has been given a job at McDonald's as part of their 'Capability Equality Act'.

Now it's off to my Stupid Fucking Restaurant Job. Big smiles everyone!

*Do I really have to tell you, yet again, that when I write 'LBM' I am just substituting it for my real name, which nobody can ever discover or I will explode like Rumpelstiltskin?

**If anyone read 'me and mum' and thought 'Oh dear, that really should be mum and I'; then I would kindly ask you to STOP READING MY BLOG, maybe go out and make some friends, find a hobby, start living your life...


  1. I looked awfully hard and couldn't find a "me and my cousin" anywhere. There is a "Me and my mum", which should of course be "My mum and I". But I'm going to keep reading your blog cos I like it.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. Mark if you look carefully, you will see that I didn't say 'me and my cousin' anywhere in the post... or maybe I have since edited it since reading your comment and thinking 'Shiiiiit'?

    Anyway, keep reading, but keep your grammar thoughts to yourself, unless I have made a really big mistake and then feel free to comment, so I can ammend the mistake and delete your comment :)

  3. Me and my cousin?? Hello?? Are you reading the same post as everyone else or are you just talking nonsense so that LBM answers you?

  4. Yay for going home at Xmas! I'll be going back to Canada for 2 weeks in January because flights around Xmas are so very expensive (and I am so very on unemployment right now). It's always nice to make a list of things to be cheerful about. Here is mine:

    -I'm going to Canada in January to see my fam.
    -I may have just got 2 jobs that I'll actually enjoy (since they are not teaching English, which basically slowly destroys my soul)
    -I have 3 wonderful pets, one of which just threw up on the floor in the kitchen.
    -My husband works very hard and looks very good in his uniform.
    -I've made lots of new friends lately in my new city in France.
    -I found your blog :)

  5. HA HA HA. Mark, are you just talking nonsense so that I answer you?? Oh please don't be offended and stop reading!

    Crystal, always love to hear about men looking good in uniform (unless it's a nazi uniform, I read about your two new jobs on your blog they sound brilliant and you are lucky you get to go home to Canada as it so very far away! Yey, let's all be cheeful together!

  6. I don't think I'm deliberately talking nonsense, LBM.... but I'm sure I read "If anyone read 'me and mum'......." as "If anyone read 'me and my cousin'........"

    I am of course sooooo offended that anyone could think I'm that desparate for a response.

    Feel free to delete my grammar-correcting whinges. Keep up the good blog.

  7. Oh 'Mark in Mayenne' can't you see what has happened? I saw your comment. I re-read my blog. I altered it accordingly. I made your comment look stupid. Then somebody else commented and I should have explained but... it's my blog and I can do what I like!

    ; )

  8. Hiiii bab! I'm coming this weekend, yaaaay! And I really wanna see you so let me know when you're free. I wanna go out both nights but dunno what's on, do you have any suggestions? I really really wanna go to the new David Lynch bar, Silencio! Ooh, I am also gonna go Market shopping on Sunday if you fancy joining me? See you sooooon!



  9. I'm impressed, LBM, you had the option of not mentioning that and thereby continuing to make me look a complete dork.

    Thanks :) My reputation as a non-dork (except for the grammar stuff) is intact!

  10. You see Mark, I'm not always a dickhead.

    Clo... can't wait to see you either, I don'y have any suggestions but Silencio sounds good, I'll email you a more 'private message' to stop all the millions of stalkers I have infiltrating our plans...

  11. reasons to not be cheerful: no new LBM blog in a week


  12. I'm so sorry, I think this is the longest I haven't written a post for!! I'll do one ASAP, I have lots of things I want to tell everyone...