Saturday, 8 October 2011

Five Jobs Janet

I hated leaving my bed this morning. I walked as if I was still alseep, feeling dizzy and with my vision clouded. As I stumbled out of the door my bed called to me: "Why are you leaving me?? You've only just got in!! Wasn't I warm and cosy enough for you?? Come back to me! COME BACK TO MEEEEEE"

But, alas, I had to ignore the pleas of my beloved bed and walk away. As I waited for the lift I had a little snooze standing-up, but then an old lady who I have never seen in my life came out of her room and I was forced to look lively and pretend not be feel nauseous as we crammed ourselves into the teeny tiny lift and rode down to the ground floor in awkward silence, close enough to feel each other's breath.

Work wasn't actually too awful. I just had to take the eight year old and the baby to the park for an hour. It was a bit pointless really, while I was at the park with the kids, the dad was at home watching the rugby. But I'm not complaining, at least it didn't end up being a seven hour day like last Saturday, I really could not have coped with that under the circumstances.

Last was night was brilliant, Kayt and her visiting friend decided to come at the last minute and as luck would have it, Angelique had two spare tickets to sell so it all worked out perfectly. I really like Rex Club, but it is so much smaller than I expected! It seemed as if there was less than a hundred people in there, but that can't be right. Still, for such a 'big' club it was not what I was expecting. I guess it's a bit like Social Club, but without the Nobhead Bouncers and all the Parisien Posers.

Anna is having a party tonight and I really, really do not feel like leaving my bed again, but it is her birthday and also she is leaving to go travelling at the end of this month, so I will force myself to get ready soon. Ergh. I feel ok, when I got back from work I slept for about seven hours and then ate a lot of pasta whilst watching Family Guy, but it's so cold and rainy outside. Summer has gone at last and I'm kind of glad- I was sick of wearing my wrecked ballet pumps that really need to be thrown in the bin, but they were the only suitable shoes I had for the nice weather. Now that autumn is finally here I can wear my boots everyday and big jumpers, and not feel bad about staying in bed all day eating hot food and drinking hot drinks.

Last night for the girls' tea I made Cottage Pie and it made me feel all cosy and happy. I liked it a lot more than they did to be honest, but this week the mum had the 'one month talk' with me and she mentioned how their au pair last year used to make English dishes for them, so I took that as a hint. It's been difficult though, because the mum normally tells me what I can make for the girls and what food I can use, but I think she wants me to take some initiative and be a little more creative. I don't really have any initiative (I'm not even sure if I can spell it properly) but I'm going to try.

So, everything seems to be going ok at work. The eight year old still acts like she doesn't really like me, but I'm hoping she is just warming up to me... I barely spend any time with the eleven year old, but when I do she is nice enough to me. The baby on the other hand, is very sweet and gorgeous. I never really thought I was a baby perosn, but they are so much easier than older children. They don't whisper about you to their mate and give you dirty looks, they just laugh at your funny faces and give you kisses. I really hope I get that other baby job in November. My bank has finally realised I'm not a student anymore and as started charging me interest on my overdraft... bastards.

I was seriously considering stripping, but apparently in the current climate the money isn't even that good, so I may as well go for ajob where I don't have to shake my naked vajayjay in anyone's face. I applied for a job online at an English pub and they rang me back an hour later to arrange an interview, which I'm taking as a sign they are desperate for staff, so fingers crossed. My interview is on Monday. If I get it, and I get the baby job as well, I might change my name to Five Jobs Janet. I bet I'll still be skint though. If life has taught me one thing it's that The More You Earn, The More You Spend...

Shit. I really better get my act together and get ready for this party. I've got a feeling, however, that no matter how much bronzer and blusher I plaster myself with, I'll still end up looking like a crackwhore who really should have stayed in bed watching Family Guy.


  1. what english pub?? there were a few I went to...I wish my hours had been more regular about what time I got off during the week so I could have had an extra job on the side...good luck with your interview!

  2. I don't want to say it on here in case of stalkers! But thanks, the interview went ok I guess because it seems as though I have got the job, I start on Thursday!