Friday, 28 October 2011


Later I am doing my Stupid Fucking Waitressing Job from 6pm until 2am. I don't even know how I'm going to get home afterwards, because I think the metro will have stopped... I can't remember if the metro runs until 2.30am on the weekend, or 1.30am.

I'm also working tomorrow at 10am which means I have the next two hours to get myself a Halloween costume for tomorrow. I was originally thinking something along the lines of 'slaggy cat' but as I'm working in the daytime, I guess it's not really appropriate. Also, it appears as if everyone else at work is going to really 'go for it' on the costume-front and while part of me wants to be miserable and not join in, another part of me really, really loves dressing up and I think I'll be more miserable if I'm the only one who isn't properly dressed up.

I had a really good idea for a costume last night- a Corpse Bride although to be honest, I just want to wear a flattering dress and do nice hair and make-up... I hate looking 'scary', whenever I've had to dress up for Halloween I've managed to choose a costume that doesn't require me to shade in horrible, grey bags under my eyes or rub dried blood everywhere. When I think about it though, I've always looked kind of shit at Halloween... Hmm.

In my head I was picturing this sort of thing:


I hate living on my own, I've realised since leaving uni that if I don't have five other girls to dress me, lend me jewellery, do my hair and put my fake tan on for me; I just look Shit. All the time.

My other problem is that I was supposed to get paid from the Stupid Fucking Waitressing Job today, but my bank card is still blocked, so I can't get any money out anyway. I've got my au pair wages (even though I've hardly done any au pair work at all this week) but I need it for tomorrow night, I'm going to- FUCK! It's half three already!!

Right I've wasted a lot of time for No Reason, I need to get out of the house and look for... erm... what am I even looking for???

Oh fuck fuck fuck. a white dress? Where can I get a veil from? Where does one buy white face paint from in Paris??

Stress stress stress.

Anger anger anger.

I know there are lots of typos and spelling mistakes in this post.

I don't care.


  1. You crack me up! Good luck finding a costume. I love to dress up as well, and every time I get the chance to in France I really go for it, as they don't seem to be into it as much as us Anglos are.

  2. The shit shops at montmarte by the fabric shops - the one with all the feather boas outside sell face paint. Also there is a fancydress place in Le marais next to BHV on one of the side streets opposite L'hotel de ville. Why Im bothering to even write this I have no idea as I think you and I both know you are clearly going to work in a black skirt with 'scary' eyeliner and tomato ketchup on your face in lieu of a costume. Love you Tabs (it does exist), don't ever change.
    Amy Fitz

  3. amy i can't believe I have been all the way to fucking BHV at hotel de ville and didn't see the fancy dress shop!!! arghhhhhh. so annoyed!!!

    thanks for commenting you two!

  4. Just fyi, though you probably figured it out already, the metro does indeed run til 2.30 on Fri/Sat evening. Though that time is when the last two trains (one going in each direction) reach their very last stops.

  5. Thanks! I can't believe I have been in Paris for over a year and I still need other people to tell me basic stuff like what time the metro finishes, I still don't know when it finishes during the week though... I think about midnight?

  6. Lol, on weekdays (and Sunday evening), they reach their last stations at 1.30 :P