Friday, 7 October 2011

Clubby Jubbly

I seem to have triple-booked myself somehow. Last year I complained that there was never any good music on in Paris and now that I know where to look, there is almost too much to choose from. I feel like a flaky bitch as I have agreed to be in three places at once: Favela Chic with Abby, Julia and Olivia, seeing as we didn't make it there last weekend; Nouveau Casino with Georgie and Kayt to see Toddla T; and Rex Club with Anna and Angelique for some house music.

Anna wins because she turns 23 at midnight and also, she announced a couple of days ago that she is leaving Paris for good at the end of this month to go traveling. (Plus, she took the initiative and bought me a ticket for Rex Club which was €12, so there's no way I am letting that ticket go to waste.) It's a Watergate night which, I'm told is a massive club in Berlin.

I've never heard of any of the Djs playing tonight (Lee Jones, Sebo K and Metro) but a quick bit of internet research has revealed that it might be a deep house night. Ooh I'm getting a little bit excited! I've never been to Rex Club before and along with Social Club and Nouveau Casino, it is one of the 'big' clubs in Paris, although I suppose that depends on your definition of 'big'- if you like 'aving it large in bridge clubs then I guess you probably wouldn't agree.

Ah but Toddla T would be really good as well and Nouveau Casino is one of my favourite places in Paris. Maybe I could fit both in somehow? Ha, I love the lyrics in this:

No, I have made a decision. I have a ticket for Rex Club and Anna won't be here to rave with in a few weeks. I have no idea what to wear. All my clothes are disgusting and the only flat shoes I have are in such a horrific state of disrepair that by rights they should be thrown in the bin, but I can't because then I would have to go to work in my bare feet or a pair of very high and very inappropriate platforms. Tonight is not a night for heels, you see. I am planning on getting very, very fucked. Off my tits, you might say. The only snag in the cardigan is that I am working tomorrow at half ten in the morning. Hmmm.

Oh my God. I've just realised something really weird. Ok, I'm going to sound like a lunatic, but for about six months now, I have been seeing this giraffe everywhere. Not a real giraffe, but a cartoon one. Sometimes it is in toy form and I will see it in a child's pram or I will see a photograph of the toy in a poster or a flyer. I have secretly been getting a little bit freaked out, as if this giraffe is a sign or an omen... Then, a few weeks ago, me, Georgie and Kayt were on the metro and our train stopped at Bonne Nouvelle. All of a sudden, I felt like the giraffe was there and I realised I had seen the giraffe in association with this metro station, but I had no idea where or why.

I know I'm sounding like a paranoid freak, BUT, I just looked online to see what metro station is closest to Rex Club and guess what metro stop it is. Bonne Nouvelle. I feel all weird like something strange is going to happen, like Fate is catching up with me and it has something to do with a cartoon giraffe...

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