Monday, 19 September 2011


I definitely can't afford to go to England in October, so obviously that means I can't go to Mulletover on Halloween. It's not like I made a decision not to go, I just realised that I don't have any money. The money I got from my tax rebate, I am keeping in my English account so Royal Bank of Scotland can take payments for my credit card. Very sensible and good, I thought.

But no. The money I paid off on my credit card has gone out of my account, but my credit card did not decrease, plus they took the minimum payment, plus they charged me £6 interest plus they charged me £12 over limit fee. What is the point?

This is why I actually hate having money, because if I don't have it at least I don't have to worry about losing it. I really don't understand. How am I supposed to sort this out from Paris?


This is why I prefer to spend my money on trips to London and wine, because I know I will never, ever regret spending it on things like that.

Now I am furious. And confused.

I thought I was on my way to being a Good, Organised, Careful Person, but all I have done is fucked up my finances a little bit more.

I hate you Royal Bank of Scotland. I can feel all the bile inside my stomach, burning with hatred. I hate you RBS and I hate your fucking mum, she's a fat, ugly whore and if I ever see her I'd punch her in the face and then spit on her.

On the bright side, Saturday night was amazing and I will tell you all about it later!


  1. No I didn't, the bile stayed safely in my stomach all night!