Saturday, 17 September 2011

French People Do Not Dance

I'm trying to find out where the Techno Parade started, but the website has crashed, so I'm doing a little Google research and look what I found:

“We put the focus on dance this year,” said Tommy Vaudecrane, the co-president of Technopol, “because many people in France do not dance and know very little about the dance culture associated with electronic music, such as house, vogueing, rave and the Melbourne shuffle..."

(Technopol organises and sponsors the Techno Parade)

The first time I went to see an English DJ in Paris, I wondered why everyone else was dancing so... unusually to the music. It was dubstep and most people were just kind of hopping from side to side and shaking their arms like they were warming up for a long jog.

Hmm, less funny is the fact I have just eaten the most disgusting crêpes I have ever made. I don't have any measuring thingys. I am petrified now that Vomiting Girl will make a re-appearance tonight at Cabaret Sauvage...

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