Thursday, 29 September 2011


Good, Productive, Real Person Things I Have Done This Week

- finally sorted French bank account out (card working and everything)
- tidied and cleaned my room
- arranged a job interview
- announced that this week would be alcohol free
- made plans for a calm, cultured weekend

Bad, Ridiculous, Stupid Person Things I Have Done This Week

- lost my Pandora bracelet that I have had since I was 18
- broke my wardrobe and my shower
- used my new bank card to buy make-up, cocktails and sushi
- drank eleven alcoholic drinks since 'swearing off the booze' on Monday
- made plans to get drunk and rowdy this weekend

Oh dear. One drink during Happy Hour in my favourite cocktail bar at Bastille (L'an vert du décor- it's a pun on the phrase l'envers du décor which means 'behind the scenes'... yeah I don't get it either) turned into nine of drinking. Hold on, that can't be right...

I've just worked it out. It is right. Shit.

The 'Mojito in Love' cocktail is just so nice (it's a mojito made with raspberries) and during Happy Hour they are half price, making them 5,50 euros, which is cheap for a nice cocktail in a nice place in Paris. Hmm, I think six was a bit obsessive though.

But we were having such a nice time! It was a boiling hot day, I finished work early and at L'en vers du décor 'Happy Hour' lasts from 6pm to 9pm. I went with Olivia, my New Friend, Abby, my French Friend and Julia who is Abby's French friend. You know when everything everyone says seems hilarious? We probably annoyed everyone else in there, a lot.

After the cocktails we went for something to eat and out of all the nice restaurants in Bastille we ended up in a Japanese restaurant eating the most disgusting miso soup ever. It tasted like a very sweaty man, who had been wearing dead fish as trainers, soaked his feet in a vat of hot water, added some chopped spring onions and then served it up to four very drunk girls. The sushi was ok though, although it is the shittest food to eat when you have been drinking and all you want is a kebab.

After the sushi, I should have gone home. Abby and Julia had to be up early so they left, but something deep inside was crying out for more alcohol, so me and Olivia went to another bar for another mojito, then we went to another bar for a glass of wine, then we went somewhere else for another glass of wine, then we tried to get into a Hippopotamus for some chips and it was closed, so we went back to Olivia's.

Her 'studio' is the best thing I've ever seen. It's huuuge, with wooden beams and a bachelor pad-style bar made out of glass bricks. Olivia got behind the bar and made me an Earl Grey Martini. I was very impressed but looking back, I probably shouldn't have drunk it- the next day (today) I felt very ill and my normal hangover helper, a cup of tea, made me feel a bit worse because Olivia only had Earl Grey tea.

We just lay on her bed all day, eating toast and watching Burlesque which is the worst film I have watched for a long time, although I enjoyed the spangly costumes.

I wasn't in work until half six tonight, by which time I felt a lot better. Work was fine, although a bit awkward as always. It has been going quite well this week- on Tuesday I danced the macarena for a solid twenty minutes while the eight year old girl sang 'Maca-maca-maca-maca-maca-rena' over and over again. When I left she gave me a kiss for the first time, so I thought she was finally starting to like me, but then tonight she was off me again and I spent most of my time feeding the fifteen month year old baby, who Very Cute, his macaroni.

Speaking of babies, tomorrow I have an interview with a woman who needs someone to look after her three month year old baby. I was hoping I could fit it in wiht my au pair job but now I'm not sure, as she'll need me in the school holidays and my au pair family will probably need me. It's ten euros an hour though and I could potentially be doing ten hours a week. Imagine, an extra 100 euros a week. That would help me sleep better at night.

Ergh! I've just remembered me and Olivia ate a block of cheese when we got in last night. AND! Also ergh, one of her weird neighbours slipped a note under the door saying 'Can we take part in your party?' and they drew a smiley face and wrote their telephone number on it.


Oh yeah and something weird has happened, I haven't heard from Chaz, my friend from home who is in Paris this week on a uni trip. I'm worried. If you're reading this Chaz... GET IN CONTACT and we can go for cocktails.

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