Saturday, 24 September 2011


I'm all ready to go out, sat in my room waiting for Georgie and My New Pal Olivia who I have never actually met before. She was an au pair in Paris three years ago with Lauren, and now she is here for her year abroad, so I have invited her out as a sort of blind friendship date.

Ergh. I still hungover from last night. I've just put mascara and eyeliner on my tired eyes and they're burrrrning. I look like I've been smoking weed all day. In fact, I've been working. Yep, I kind of forgot that this new job of mine includes the occassional Saturday, so I don't feel so bad about not doing a lot during the week, because working Saturdays is So Shit.

I had to go to work straight from Kayt's, in my little black dress from Friday night. I borrowed some tights off Kayt and luckily I had my boots with me, but I looked ridiculous because today was the hottest day ever.

Everyone in the park was wearing sandals and summer dresses with bare legs and I had my huge coat on, thick black tights and knee-high boots lined with fleecy wool.

The little girl had a chum round and they really didn't want me there, so I had to sit quietly in the corner of the room while they whispered about me. It was horrible. I felt like I was the Nitty Nora in the school playground and the other girls wouldn't let me play.

I thought I would finish after lunch, but I had to take the girls to the park again and wait for the dad to come with the baby. He came about half four and I casually asked if he still needed me, because all I was doing was watching the girls play without me from a distance, like I had been doing all day, and he said I needed to stay because he couldn't watch the baby and the girls.

Then the baby got melted chocolate all over the dad's back and he asked me to wipe it off for him with a baby wipe. Awk. Ward.

Finally, finally he said I could go about 5pm and I got home and had the best Disco Nap ever. I am hoping I will perk up soon. Tonight we are going back to Cabaret Sauvage for some dubstep/dancehall/jungle type affair. It should be fun... but I feel so poorly. Erghhhh.

Last night we went for drinks around Belleville in the 19th. We were all very drunk. There was a lot of caramel vodka and me and Kayt had a conversation where we kept telling each other how brilliant we were and also how similar we were, so we were essentially bigging ourselves up for forty minutes, trying to disguise outlandish drunken arrogance as compliments to each other. For example:

You just make loads of FRIENDS like I think you are so good at having friends and you always make people feel like they are your friends its so brilliant and actually I wouldn't say this normally but we are so similar that's why we're FRIENDS cos we're the same you and me no no no, we are, no its true though we are we're such good friends and we're really the same. You're so attractive no you are you are you've got the best ankles I've ever seen I'm not just saying that cos I'm drunk.

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