Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Two Teas and Seven Sausages

Today I have consumed seven sausages- my Ibiza diet is going spectacularly well.

It wasn't my fault though, I had two sausages for breakfast thinking I had met my sausage quota for the day, then in the evening my Moderate Eating Plan was blown out of the fatty water as I was confronted by a classic case of 'Two Teas'. First I called in to see my grandma, who decided to cook a whole pack of eight sausages, even though she eats like a small bird, so she had two and then practically force-fed* me the rest. (They were quite small sausages though so I'm only counting them as five.) Still, we also had chips and green beans with the sausages so that's all right isn't it?

When I got home my mum had roasted a chicken and made baked potatoes because I have been talking about them all summer, and I couldn't resist the hot, buttery, cheesy-ness.

So. Two teas. Seven sausages. I can't wait for the holiday snaps- I will be the blur in the corner, running out of shot in my pillow case because that is all I could find to fit me.

Talking of clothes... my missing Ibiza Clothes from last year still haven't turned up, I'm going to venture into the loft tomorrow to have a look, but my mum swears there are no clothes up there. I don't want to believe they have really gone because that means I only have a boob tube and three bikinis to take to Ibiza, plus a pair of really unflattering denim shorts.

I am excited to go to Ibiza, OF COURSE I AM, but I am just a little bit stressed about money. I have, basically, not enough euros and I have five pounds in English money to last me from now until I get to Ibiza on Monday, including tube fare around London and taxi to the airport. Luckily I won't need any money for food, as I have eaten enough today to last five days.

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