Saturday, 27 August 2011

Goodbye Cows, Goodbye Bull.

Shitting Hell. My mum is giving me a lift to the train station in three hours and I haven't packed yet. I can't do anything until it is the absolute last minute. I am going to write a quick blog post and have a cup of tea, then I might paint my nails and watch a tiny bit of television, and then I will probably eat some breakfast and stare at my stomach in the mirror poking it for a few minutes, and then I promise I will start packing straight away.

I have a horrible feeling my bag is going to be way overweight and my hand luggage us going to be too big. But no point worrying about that until the absolute last minute.

Ah, England, when will I see you again? Probably Christmas, maybe October if I have the time off work and I can magic the money from somewhere... There are a few tempting nights in London that I have already started considering but really, I need to learn my lesson from last year: the fact that I am flying to Ibiza on Monday with not as much cash I would like (400 euros, but most of that will go on tickets and taxis, and I have to save some money for my bus from Charles de Gaulle airport) is all down to my Reckless Spending last year.


If I had a time machine, I wouldn't go back and change anything, because I had a really good time and that is all that matters.

Argh! I am so excited to go to London this weekend, because I can't wait to go to Ibiza on Monday, and then I am off to Paris for some adventures.

I'm a little sad to leave England though. I just stood on the back step and took a last look at the misty hills and the cows. They are beef cows, so they might all be burgers when I come back. Jim the Bull, who has tormented me all summer with his bullish, noisy ways, even said goodbye to me in his terrifying bull-noise language.

Shit. Right. I really need to go and pack now.

This will be my last post from England, next time I will be writing to you from my new Parisien home.

Thanks for all the recent comments by the way, I have replied to everyone.

Bye for now, au revoir, I don't know what the Spanish is for goodbye but I know what hello is and in two days I'll be saying:

Hola, Ibiza!


  1. love this as ever and so glad you started this 'shit' blog and became a 'shit au pair' what a fantastic life full of stories, memories. these years are the best years of our life. i know i sound like a 'bad dickhead and/or idiot,'
    Cant wait to see you in london, safe journey. cant wait to be with you in IBIZA. life has funny ways of showing you fun, lots of partying and raving with your friends to be done......

  2. LOVA YA BABES! Ha ha you will never be a dickhead, I am writing this from London, we are in the same city!!! I will see you tomorrow!!! Then we will go to Ibiza and make some Good Memories mayyyne.