Saturday, 23 July 2011

Shit Au Pair On Holiday

Am I being a Bad Idiot by writing a blog post on the dads laptop? I cant find the apostrophe on the French azerty keyboard, so excuse the poor grammar. It is a Saturday night and whilst Kat and co are, at this very moment, getting ready to see Joris Voorn at Ministry, I am living it up in the ping pong room, checking my Facebook and reading about all the hideous things that are going on in the world.

First of all the terrorist attacks on Norway are shocking and really sickening. If it really was that one man behind it all I hope he was in contact with the EDL so that everyone realises that they are evil evil dangerous stupid twats who need to be Seen To.

And the fact that Amy Winehouse has died is also shocking, but moreover the fact that shitty tabloids are only going on about her drug problems. When Jade Goody died nobody brought up the Racism Thing, they just went on and on about how good she was... good at what exactly? Amy Winehouse was actually very talented yet everyone is focussing on the fact that she had a drug problem.

Anyway, I have a lot to tell you. I am sharing a bed with the five year old boy, the houses next door are owned by Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and a Russian woman who is currently in prison. The apartment building was a hotel until the second world war and it is next to Monaco, we went to Monte Carlos the other day and we have also nipped over to Italy to buy palma ham and leather belts.

It is too tragic for words that I had a shower and reapplied my make up just in case I bumped into someone on my way down to the ping pong room. The mum and dad of the family expected me to go out but I do not really want to go out on my own, in the dark, when it is a fifteen minute walk to the bakery, let alone the bars, if there even are any within walking distance. I feel like a failure at life.

But I am making good progress with my tan!


  1. Amy Winehouse's dead makes me really sad too, i love her songs and even maybe she has some drug problems or other shitty things.

  2. Listening to 'Love is a losing game' right now...