Sunday, 17 July 2011


Tomorrow I am going on holiday and I don't want to go. Two weeks. Five kids. No internet. Sleeping on the couch. Got to take two massive bags. I have nowhere to stay when I come back to Paris. Feel. Rather. Stressed. I am writing this on Amy's laptop and her keyboard is broken, using the on-screen keyboard. It's very time-consuming.

See you in two weeks...


  1. Ah, I'm sad! I'll miss your blog! I'm also an Au Pair in France and have really been enjoying it. 'It' being your blog. With Au Pairing....well, depends on the day, as you are well aware.

  2. haha hmm it goes from being the jammiest job to being the shittest doesnt it? im glad you enjoy my blog, im currently using the dads laptop to check in but it is a french keyboard and it takes me so long to write anything... also dont know how wise it is that i should write a blog whilst on his laptop...