Sunday, 3 July 2011


Finally booked my flights to Ibiza! Yey. Well, Kayt researched the flights and booked the flights on her card, but I handed over the cash and now I can stop worrying about it. It ended up being cheaper flying straight to Paris from Ibiza, so this means that I have to pack one bag to take to the South of France, then back to England, then to Ibiza, then back to Paris.

Basically I am doing Paris to Nice to Paris to London to Manchester to Liverpool to Manchester to the Lakes to Manchester to London to Ibiza to Paris.

I'm panicking slightly at the logistical nightmare that lays before... My room needs to be packed and cleaned by the 11th July, which is one week, the same week that I have Lauren and Beth staying with me. I have no idea how I'm going to fix everything...

BUT Beth and Lauren are coming very, very soon!! And it is my birthday this week! Normally I can be a bit of a Birthday Monster (the slideshows of childhood photographs at my 21st were, in hindsight, a little O.T.T) but this year I am not going to organise anything. I am going to be calm and sweet and not self-obsessed.

Oh my god. I have so much to do and organise and so little money and time. I feel sick thinking about it. SICK SICK SICK.

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